Sunday, October 11, 2015

HOPPY 6th Birthday to Wasabi!!

 This week we celebrated the sixth year anniversary of the day we rescued Wasabi!  And a rescue it truly was - from an outdoor cage with nothing in it, to a life of...well, spoiled bunny bliss!  It is hard to remember back to when we knew absolutely nothing about rabbits and how she opened our eyes to a whole new world. HOPPY birthday, Wasabi!  We will cherish you always!

In other news, we tried a little more "loose-style" bunny bonding with some more gate-free dates supervised by the foreman this week.  The bunnies really love to be close to one another and hopefully one day Wasabi will realize she doesn't have to bite Rufus to get his attention!  
 And a HOPPY birthday it was, indeed...complete with special hay cookies shaped in her name!

Picking off the letters!

 And quickly gobbled up more, until I took them away to share with Rufus and to save for later. Even Bravo scored one.

 Opening up the gate!
 OMG!!  Or, OMB (Oh My Bun)!  No gate!

 Note the "barrier" of stuffed animals between them.

 All went well for over an hour.  Kudos to the foreman for his patience (a beer helped).
 At the Barlow with Grandma Snap!
 Bravo LOVES to visit his grandma - and especially to hang out in her kitchen!

 We enjoyed our coffee drinks until the first dog came along that Bravo had to bark and growl at.
This is about as close as a selfie as I can get with Luigi - our shadows!
The birthday girl enjoying her week.


Beautiful sunsets this week.

Rufus "hydrates" in the bedroom!

That face!

Deck time!

Wasabi wonders when the gate will go away again (when you behave, Wasabi!).
Spending quality time with Wasabi's stuffies.
What crazy bunny people do...make it easy for Wasabi to hop to the bedroom by putting little carpets down!

Donkey time!

Dust bath!

I love it when Paco sits like this!

Rufus loves to hang out in the area underneath the open staircase.  Sometimes he lets Bravo join him.

Salad time together.

Snuggle time in the evening.

Wasabi demonstrates the use of her "step".

She LOVES to rearrange the blankets.

 I must take a video of her technique soon - it reminds me of a Russian folk dance!

She wakes us up every morning on the bed now and especially loves to give the foreman kisses!

More gate-free "dates".

Hanging out in the bedroom.

Run around time, Rufus-style!

Trying to get into the foreman's office!


A typical evening.  My clean-up time is ridiculous in this household.

 The weekly pose - sandwiched between the donks!
 Bravo on the front terrace!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!