Sunday, October 18, 2015

Just Another HOPPY Week at the Lazy Vegan!

Another HOPPY (meaning:  HAPPY!) week has come and gone at the Lazy Vegan...with more lounging, snacking and playing going on...by the animals!  The bunnies had more "gate-free dates" and who knows if it is helping with bonding or not...Wasabi always ends the time with either succeeding in or trying to bite Rufus, but in the time leading up to that, she really enjoys being around him.  The foreman gets major kudos for supervising their dates (he's a natural bunny chaperone!).  Thankfully, we are FINALLY getting cooler weather and now can just continue to pray for rain.  The donkeys need to do a rain dance because they most definitely want green grass again in their dry pasture!
Hanging out in the kitchen.
Polished off another salad!
Getting ready for bedtime.

I think Bravo really enjoys the company of the bunnies!
Making her bed!

"Hydrating" in the bedroom.
More hanging out.
Couldn't resist photographing this cute bunny behind!
Lurking about...
I did some furniture rearranging (that ended up not working out), and Rufus was the first to investigate!

I love how Rufus can plop himself down anywhere, any time.

Using a front paw as a pillow!
The Queen Bun continues to get the royal treatment at bedtime when we roll out the many carpets for her to cover the wood floors so she can make her way to the bedroom without being picked up!

Dashing off!

The Wasabi stare down!

Deck time!

Ridiculously cute!

Resting with one of his stuffies.
Lounging by the empty breakfast bowl.

OMG!  Looked up from my desk to see this beauty walk by!

He came by several times.

Had a wonderful visit with Paul who was in town!
This doesn't hurt Bravo - but it does look silly!

The buck on another day.

Downtown with Bravo and Grandma Snap!  A random purple door on the street.
Hanging out in grandma's backyard!
Gate-free date time - with music!

The foreman loves his bunnies!

OMG...had to sneak this into a blog post...Bravo had flea meds on and since he sleeps with us I didn't want to get near the smelly stuff...so I put a t-shirt on him.  He matched the foreman!

Playful donks!


It is just one cute thing after another around here!

 Had so much fun at a brunch with bunny people!  Yummy vegan food and great company - plus I got to meet a lot of other bunnies and see "bunny set-ups" in other houses!

Vegan quiche and other amazingly yummy items!

 Deborah has six buns!
 And a wonderful old dog that they rescued from a senior dog rescue group.

We all got bunny gift bags to take home - love my bunny friends!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!