Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Rabbit Rescue Story, the Farrier Visits, Bravo Goes to the Vet and Construction Begins at the Lazy Vegan!

A pretty hectic and wild week at the Lazy Vegan!  The barn and bathroom construction began and luckily the bunnies and Bravo didn't seem too bothered by the noise and commotion...although I definitely wanted to be home to supervise the comings and goings of workers in the house...didn't want a bunny running off!  The donkeys were intrigued and then annoyed that they couldn't help.  In fact, they've been banned from the corral and barn area until the foundation is in and has dried...which probably won't happen for another couple of days.  In the meantime, we walk them to the front pasture for the day and then the back pasture for the evening, where their green dining shelter will be enough protection if it rains.  So they've been able to "inspect"the barn building process from the confines of their lead ropes! 

And in surreal news, on my morning walk Wednesday morning I spotted a WHITE RABBIT - smack out in the open meadow...and then two brown rabbits...and later even more.  Very distressing, as I was sure they were from a nearby meat operation.  I immediately contacted my bunny pals and we devised a plan.  For the next couple of days I left them greens and carrots in the same spot near bushes, and then on Friday evening, four of us (including the foreman) were able to get three of the bunnies by making a large corral out of x-pens and using a bucket of greens to lure them...just in the nick of time, since a nasty altercation with the meat operation guy gave us info that he would come back to kill them that night. 
We took one of the bunnies, a white one exactly like Rufus, home for the evening and then she was transported to SaveABunny the next day. (The last thing we need is three unbonded bunnies - plus, she has to receive medical care and be spayed!).  It was such a great feeling to save some of the poor bunnies. See more info and a great video at: 

I'm so happy that they're now at SaveABunny - such an amazing rescue group totally worthy of holiday donations:

And in mundane news, the farrier came to visit...in a way, twice - because we got the donkeys all harnessed up and ready and were walking around the property waiting and waiting for the farrier to arrive until I checked a text and realized I had the wrong day.  My bad!  The donkeys didn't mind - but on the "real" day, suddenly Luigi didn't want to get his halter on so it made for some donkey drama.  And Bravo went to the vet for a check-up where it was confirmed that he is definitely going deaf!  There have been times when we have come home and he hasn't even noticed...so I wasn't too surprised.  Now I'll be more cautious than usual with off-leash time!

More gate-free dates this week...
OMG!  Check out who is lounging on the window seat!

The trio waiting for dinner.

Look for the window seat bun...

Walking the donkeys before farrier visit number two!
Rufus loves to nap under the stairwell, which is a nice safe place to be.
Post salad time.
The master bathroom shaping up!


Hanging out with the donks.

Walk time!
Heading down to say hi to Barney the big donkey and the horses.  Barney just turned 25!!

There they are, waiting!
Looks like Luigi is talking here!

Paco and Buster.  Buster is named after Buster Posey and has been in six different homes and he's only eight!  He has a great personality.

Barney has an allergy to gnat bites so has to sometimes wear these adorable booties.

Headed home!

 The following are photos of the loose rabbits that were rescued during the week...I went every morning and at dusk, two times of day when they were out the most, and left food.  This was the area where we then were able to catch them.

 White Bun the first time I saw her!

 Hiding in bushes.

 This poor doe didn't get caught and she was in horrible condition.

 Big piece of equipment showed up one day for the projects!

 Donkeys were intrigued!

 Yep, the foreman had to get out there to help!

 Bravo wanted to go for a ride!

 The foreman with the boys.

Photos got out of order here somehow...this is "white bun", one of the rescued buns who spent one night at the Lazy Vegan in our room where my desk and fireplace are.  She was scared but sweet.  We kept a sheet over her pen to make it feel more protected and had a gate up to the room so Bravo couldn't go in.  I could tell that Rufus totally knew something was up - he left poops outside his litter box, which he NEVER does - no doubt marking his territory!  Wasabi didn't seem to notice anything, but when we first arrived home from the rescue, she did a huge binky in the living room - like she knew we had saved some bunnies!
White Bun has since been renamed Emmeline, after Emmeline Pankhurst, the suffragette.
Those ears!  She was such a brave bunny.  It was hard to make the decision to give her up (we seriously thought about keeping her) but I drove her to Petaluma  the next day, where she hitched a ride with my friend Tara and the two other buns we rescued and went off to SaveABunny.
Barn addition!

The backhoe JUST fit through the donkey gate! See  video:

More photos of the rescued buns right out in the open - so dangerous, especially for the white bun!

The rescue evening!

We had to work fast with the x-pens looped together to create a giant pen.  Got the two brown bunnies first and then took a while to get the white bun, who was zooming around the meadow!

Bravo had the first appointment of the day on Saturday at 8:00 a.m.!
And he was not happy about it!

Rescue bun felt comfy enough at the Lazy Vegan to flop a bit.
The boys when we have to walk them through the corral to get to the other pasture...

They loved to inspect everything!

Fun and games indoors.

Rescue bun again.  We may consider fostering her after she's spayed to see if she bonds with Rufus.

The ridiculous duo!

 Headed back to the pasture after a walk!

The weekly pose!

I'm having such problems with the Critter Cam and loading videos to the blog that I finally decided to only post when there is a rare sighting - like of a bobcat - otherwise, blog readers can feel free to click on the "Lazy Vegan Critter Cam" icon on the right margin to view new videos on YouTube at any time!