Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Visit from the Donkey Vet, Planning the Barn Expansion and Here Come the Turkeys at the Lazy Vegan!

The donkeys were dismayed this week to find out that it was time for their Fall shots!  They didn't really realize it was time until they saw the vet round the corner and head to their corral.  We love our vet - he has a wonderful manner with the boys, but unfortunately this time the donkeys didn't want anything to do with it and broke free - so it was a ridiculous circus with both donks running circles around the outside of the barn until they were finally "nabbed" (easier said than done!) for two quick shots in the neck!  And now we are good till the Spring!

In totally exciting news, the barn expansion project is going forward, with building scheduled to begin in another week!  The foreman has done an excellent job designing the layout and I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Paco and Luigi are super excited!

As happens every November, the turkeys are suddenly coming around like crazy to hang out at the Lazy Vegan!  No worries here about becoming a meal!  

My light dinner of homemade minestrone soup, salad with sprouted beans and fakin' chick'n, and yummy carrot-ginger-lemon-apple-celery-cucumber juice fresh squeezed from my Omega juicer!
Downtown Sebastopol with Bravo and Snap!
"Stealing" (with permission) rhubarb from City Hall again!
Rufus all sacked out with his little tail sticking out in Wasabi's area!
OMG!!  We went to a property we sold to look at barn roofs for ideas and saw all these amazing goats!

I wanted to bring one home!

Discussing the barn plans with our contractor while Paco looks on!
The boys can't wait to install their flat-screen t.v. in the new barn! (HAR HAR).

Fall day!
Waiting for dinner.


Private concert time!

Snuggles time!
Oh, Wasabi!

Bravo soaking up some sun.

OMG!  I think it is a tad too early for Christmas music on the radio...video below...

Love the puffy clouds this week.

More lounging.

And more...

Gate-free date time again!

Going crazy on the bed.

Here come the turkeys - smack in the donkey pasture!

At one point Luigi had enough and he politely chased some of them off.

Off they go!

Wasabi doing some roaming around the living room one morning.


Fun in the bedroom!

Hopping back to the living room.

Dreaded bath day for Bravo!
The weekly pose!
Lounging time in the cabin.

Saying hi!

Ridiculous bunny yawn while Bravo looks on!

Critter Cam videos to hopefully return next week!