Sunday, November 1, 2015

HOPPY Halloween, HOPPY World Vegan Day and Plans to Expand the Donkeys' Barn at the Lazy Vegan!

So much excitement this week with HOPPY Halloween & HOPPY World Vegan Day!  Plus, a visit from our contractor to discuss the latest and greatest project:  expanding the donkeys' barn!  So happy about that.  We will be having two additions put on- one on each side - one for storage (hay, pine shavings, the tractor mower, etc.) and the other as a three-sided "run-in" for another place for the donkeys to get out of the rain and the hot sun. Am hoping that building will begin before it starts raining a lot - otherwise, we'll have to set up a tent of some kind for the donkeys if they can't access their barn!  We already started doing our part to get ready by taking down a tree (the foreman's job - I carried away fallen limbs and supervised!).  We had the first-of-its-kind tree "incident" here at the Lazy Vegan when nature called and I had to leave my post to go into the house to use the bathroom. Instead of stopping his sawing job way up high in the tree, the foreman continued and a limb fell on the huge extension ladder, causing it to fall, leaving the foreman...stranded!  He eventually put out a distress call (which, I later learned, was a series of "HELLO!  HELLO! HELLO!" and which I did not hear from inside of the house.)  And I took longer than usual, checking on the well-being of the bunnies and the dog before venturing back out to my post near the tree - which was when I saw the foreman with no ladder!  It was an interesting time getting the extremely long and heavy ladder back up against the tree by myself, but I finally managed - the only thing I didn't succeed with was throwing a rope up the foreman so he could tie the power saw onto it for safely dropping it (this is why I didn't play sports - no ability to throw!).  All ended well and by the end of the day, with the donkeys watching on the other side of the fence, we had the tree completely removed and were covered in sap (especially the foreman, as he was literally hugging the tree for hours!). 

Today marks our 8th year of being vegan (vegetarian for eons before that) and we're still going strong!  
Happy World Vegan Day!

Photo shoot for Halloween!  Too bad Bravo looks so unenthused!

Bravo finally took a nap at one point.  Rufus was obsessed with the pumpkin stem!
Wasabi is no fool - she wants to see behind the "curtain"!
I confess I set up this decor right around Rufus as he napped.

Such good posing!

Rufus going after the skull!

So much fun with Snap walking downtown on Halloween!  I showed up wearing orange and she was also in orange - and had wigs for us to don!

Whoops - these got a bit out of order.  This was the BEST the donkeys could do - they were very dismissive of the pumpkins and balked at dressing up as anything!

Back to walking downtown - stopped to see the famous coyote mural.  Snap looks great in blue hair!

Our socks!
Bravo wore a little Halloween decor on his halter.

A nice man who told us he was dressing up as a kangaroo later took our photo!

Happy Day of the Dead today!  Somebody had this great idea to decorate an old phone booth as a Day of the Dead altar!

Back home at the Lazy Vegan, things went a little "ape" (thanks to borrowing Snap's masks!).

Hanging out with the donks.

Wasabi having some free living room time!

SO much fun zooming around the bed!

The cardboard is there because she was doing a nice job putting holes in the bedsheets!

VERY pleased with herself!

Window seat Rufus!

Another bedtime with Wasabi hopping around getting everything just so...

Even fluffing the pillows for us!
And straightening out the comforter!

It cracks me up when Bravo sits in the bunny bed.

With Rufus!

The big tree removal project!

The donkeys watched from a distance.

Time to stroll with the donks!

All the way down the road to see Barney the big donkey and the horses!

I couldn't really edit these photos because they are all cute!

Heading back home.  Bravo went along, too, and stayed behind the donkeys with me.

So much fun with the "bunny gals" at lunch today at Amy's Drive-Thru!  Above, Cathy shows off her new bunny purse!
Group selfie!

Dweebs! (Especially the one wearing the hat!).

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
Check out the SIX raccoon in a row!