Sunday, November 29, 2015

HOPPY Thanksgiving!!

Had a wonderful all-vegan Thanksgiving lunch at Grandma Snap's house this year - complete with good company and a stroll through the experimental gardens of Luther Burbank!  And Bravo went along, too!  The bunnies stayed home and relaxed!  Was a super cold week this week - really ridiculous having to break the layer of ice off of the donkeys'  water!  Luckily the boys have access to the barn now where it is warmer until the next phase of construction happens soon...they love investigating the work done so far!

A typical evening with the bunnies...

Rufus loves his little hideaway under the staircase!
I put his little Ikea bed there to make it even cozier.

Cute little fat bird!

Lounging with his stuffies.
And with Bravo in the Ikea bed!

Behold the bunnies...and the Christmas tree lit up on the front terrace!
Cleaned up kitchen and the dog.
Visit from Claire!
Turkey vulture hanging out.

 And a couch rabbit hanging out!
 Here comes the cement truck!

 Foundation being poured.

 Finally saw Karina's band perform again and they are awesome!!!Check out their debut EP at Lungs and Limbs
 Classic Rufus.  Sometimes I think he's a little stuffed animal!
 Bravo has the best seat in the house!
 Luigi wasted no time in getting a butt scratch on the new foundation!

 And here's the future master bathroom!
 Another morning walk.

And another...such beautiful mornings!

You can never have too big of a mouthful of hay.
Note the concrete foundation!  Pretty exciting to see it come along.
Pretty thick layer of ice in the donkeys' water.

Bravo in the woods (with me!).

So much going on lately...even got the septic tank pumped!
Panoramic of the house.
Frosty morning on my walk.

More hilarious turkey vultures!

Some little bun exploring where he should not be...

Because he knew I had put fresh litter boxes there!
Headed down the hallway.

And back again.

The following photos are from Thanksgiving!

Snap made a delicious vegan butternut squash chili dish!

Great to sit outside.

Post lunch walk!

My vegan pumpkin bread!

Bravo got into Grandma Snap's recycling bag.


The weekly pose!
Cold enough lately for Bravo to wear the fleece hoodie that used to belong to Toby!

Prickly pears!  The foreman has been picking them and will take all the needles off before we make something!

Lounging pup.
Salads are gone!

A little outdoor music!
Another brisk walk!

Exploring the construction site!

I said I would only be posting less common critter cam videos and the one below just amazes me...this poor coyote was caught on camera months ago looking so skinny that I was sure he would soon die.  While he still looks awful here, he has definitely put on weight.  Amazing!