Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some Much Needed Rain, Gate-Free Bunny Dates, and Planning Projects at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a week of a lot of couch hopping for Miz Wasabi - she has recently rediscovered that she can, indeed, hop right up to the couch and roam around by herself!  So far, thankfully, no couch-nibbling has been done - although I had to buy a new "good" quilt to cover the bedspread due to her "sampling" at bedtime!

Loved hearing the rain in the middle of the night and having to put on boots to muck out the barn!  We also had frost this week for the first time this season - which meant time for the foreman to build evening fires!

Had a very long "gate-free date" with the bunnies that went on for hours (with supervision, of course) with just a few negative encounters (Wasabi chasing Rufus).  Am starting to get hopeful again that in time, we'll end up with a bonded pair of bunnies!

This week the foundations will be poured for both the barn project and the new master bathroom project - woo hoo!  I'm hoping that the animals will quickly adjust to the chaos of construction and will be so excited to have both projects completed!

 The weekly pose with Paco!
 Frost on the rooftop!
 Total adorableness.
 Our contractor out for final review for the barn addition.  Going to have a metal roof!
 Look, MA!  No gate!
 Bravo enjoys the evening fire.
 The boys kicking up some dust!

 The cute pair...hopefully some day bonded.
 The fish are thriving!

 Had a nice walk and chat with Snap in Forestville - sitting on a beautiful wood bench with a great view!

 Rufus trying to get into the foreman's office!

 Helping out with chores - Rufus stands guard while the foreman does some ladder work.
Bravo loves to hang out by Rufus - even when he is asleep!
My favorite photo of the week - the boys (above and below) in what we call the "bro-cave" upstairs - just chillin'!

Having fun downstairs.

Couch exploration time!

Hello from the box!

Pre dinner stare down time and play time!

Wasabi grooming "Buddy"!

Silly Wabbit!

Lounging time!

Bedroom roaming time!

Where the master bathroom is going to go - a gable will push out with enough room for the clawfoot tub, etc.  So excited about this!  Will be able to take a bubble bath with a big window!

More waiting around for Rufus to wake up.

Bravo at his post.

And now, I present to you:  gate-free date time!
With the foreman as the monitor!

A little concert while eating their salads!

So funny!

More music in the living room.  It was so great to see them hanging out for hours with no gate. At one point, Wasabi chased Rufus and they both got their paws wet in Bravo's water bowl -and immediately stopped to groom themselves - like a "time-out"!

Quality time with the donkeys!

Well, I got the critter camera working but then put it back up on the tree aimed too low - so I got 65 videos of the ground and sometimes a tail of a creature...that's it!  So stay tuned next week for new critter cam videos!