Monday, December 28, 2015

A Sick Donkey, HOPPY Birthday to Rufus and Merry Christmas at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a whirlwind week at the Lazy Vegan with a sick donkey (Luigi), a HOPPY birthday (Rufus) and a Merry Christmas (for everyone) plus a trip down to Southern California!  And in the midst of all the excitement, I accidentally permanently deleted most of the photos I took this week...so the sampling will be less than usual!  Argh!  Nothing like trying to free up phone memory...

For the first time ever, we were able to actually treat a sick donkey successfully ourselves without the vet coming for a visit...although I did talk to one on the phone several times!  Poor Luigi stopped eating (always an emergency) and we were pretty sure he was dehydrated, which then made him constipated (great...a constipated donkey for Christmas!) and made his tummy hurt, which in turn made him not eat, etc.  We got great advice from the vet and followed her tips and within a day he was back to nibbling on hay and feeling himself again - WHEW! It always stresses me out when any of the animals are feeling under the weather.  

I cannot believe it has been a year since adorable Rufus hopped into our lives!  We celebrated his "Gotcha Day" (a.k.a. "Hoppy Birthday") with some custom hay cookies that he happily shared with Bravo and Wasabi!  We absolutely cherish this angel disguised as a bunny!

It was a low-key Christmas lunch this year on a beautiful sunny day!  After the holiday I whizzed down to Huntington Beach to visit my dad and the beach house crew - love being able to fly out of Sonoma County airport!  The foreman did an excellent job taking care of the fur family back at home!

Looking forward to a great new year.  Here we come, 2016!

HOPPY birthday to dear Rufus!

He loved his cookies!

Luigi after he was feeling better, lounging with Paco.
Getting into the spirit!
Beautiful flicker flew by to wish us a happy holiday!
Waiting for salad time.
Hanging out.

The foreman tending to the fire!
Silly Paco!
The famous Christmas Day prickly pear rum punch!
Christmas lunch!
After lunch I took Snap to the airport to fly to Southern California! In her Christmas sweater!
Then came back home to hang out with the "kids" and the donkeys.

Showing off my new t-shirt and my cauliflower soup!

Bravo making sure there are no crumbs left.

Little elves (Bravo and Rufus) helped me decorate!

The following - and maybe out of order - are some photos from the trip to Huntington Beach.

 Snap was so pleased that she did not have to remove her shoes...

 Me with Snoopy at the airport!
 Alaska Airlines!
 Adorable service dog on the flight.

These two are totally ready for the new year!