Sunday, December 13, 2015

More Rain, More Work on the Barn Addition and Master Bathroom and More Cuteness Overload at the Lazy Vegan!

Cuteness overload - Miz Wasabi!
It was another week of a lot of noisy construction work at the Lazy Vegan!  Things are really coming along with both the barn addition and new bathroom!  And finally rain seems to be returning on a regular basis...grass is growing in the pasture and it is green!  
Woo hoo!  
Relaxed rabbits (Rufus has some dirty "thumpers"!).

Sunrise on my walk one morning!
Rufus wakes up Bravo!

On the staircase!

The trio before dinner.
Snap sent this cool photo from a candle lighting event at the cemetery!
Bravo investigates the interior of the new bathroom.

The claw foot tub will go right under the big window!

The view from the bedroom.

Quality time for the buns.

Wasabi with her stuffies.

The barn from the pasture.

New metal roof!

The donkeys are definitely still intrigued by all the construction work!

The hay storage part of the barn addition.
Barn doors still need to be built, plus the cupola for the top of the roof.

Our cute Rufus!

Storm is brewing!

Staying snuggled.
Barn view from the balcony.

Festive with the Christmas tree!

The weekly pose with my boy Paco!
The bathroom in progress.  Construction is always noisy and messy!

More cuteness overload.
I took this photo from the new bathroom - you can see Rufus drinking from a water bowl in the bedroom!

Bravo LOVES to check out all the equipment.
Nap time under the stairs.
Some bunny finds at a used store!

Post salad.
It is a zoo around here...typical evening with the bunny set-up!

 Oh, this face!

I love this above photo because Luigi's shadow wants to be a unicorn!