Sunday, December 20, 2015

Some Sun and Some Rain in the Days Before Christmas at the Lazy Vegan!

With the rain suddenly coming this past week it almost feels like California was years ago - when it had a rainy season!  Suddenly, I remember what it was all like...rain all night and all day.  Yay!  Am not complaining at all about the mud or any other weather-related inconveniences!  Although I do need to go pick up more straw for the mud in the corral and fresh pine shavings for the barn...so the donkeys stay nice and dry.  More progress on both the barn and the bathroom this week.  Rufus loves playing on the fir flooring stacked in the bedroom (it is "acclimating" to being indoors before it is installed) and Bravo has had great fun exploring the bathroom. Wasabi has hopped up to the closed door, but so far that's it.  And I can't wait to take a bubble bath when the claw foot tub is moved to the new location!

Check out this link featuring Rufus!

Soaking up some sunshine before the rain.


Bravo "guarding" Rufus while he's in his litter box!

Christmas came early for the bunnies with this awesome "Activity Zone" from Happy Rabbit!

So much fun!
Total fun - even if Wasabi looks completely unenthused!

Bravo wonders where his Activity Zone is!

This is what Wasabi does when she's ready for "gate free time" and wants out of the kitchen!  It is very effective!

Oh what fun it is to walk on the fir flooring!

Lots of exploring!

Couch time!

Grooming time!
Bravo donned his holiday sweater and thought it gave him license to get on top of the kitchen table!

More grooming.  Very clean little fellow.

Wasabi contemplates a hop up to the couch.

Rufus loves a rainy day - while looking out the window!

Prowling around in the kitchen while Wasabi is elsewhere!
Hanging out together.

OMG - so cute!

And on a different day, more togetherness...

Playing hide-and-go-seek!

Look who discovered the top of the bed!

It was that time - the annual put-a-Santa-hat-on-the-donkey photo opportunity!

Paco agreed but Luigi said no way.

Bravo exploring the new bathroom - he especially loves to sniff the yucky insulation.

More stair climbing adventures for Rufus!

My friend Cathy came over to give me another rabbit nail trimming lesson (very appreciated!) and of course we also had to go say hi to the donkeys!

Rufus trying to wake up Bravo!

The outside of the new bathroom - recently painted by the foreman!

Early morning (try 5:30 a.m.) lounging.

Cathy and the donkeys again!

All tuckered out.

Sweet Rufus.

Getting ready to trim some nails!  This time I did all the trimming while Cathy held the bunnies and gave me direction...it is definitely a two-person job.
Bravo wanted to help!

Wasabi was mad, mad, mad!