Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Barn Addition is Coming Along at the Lazy Vegan!

It is so much fun to watch the progress of the barn addition - a lot was done this week and the donkeys were intrigued with all of it!  While banned from the site during the day (much to their dismay), they can go in each evening to inspect and approve the work - and tonight they tried out the new covered area while it rained...some modifications will need to be made (like a smaller hay feeder), but in general the project has exceeded my expectations! Perhaps by the next blog post or two the job will be complete!

Woo hoo - here it comes!

Video below of Paco and Luigi, donkey inspectors!

Evening shot at the Lazy Vegan!
Claire visiting one evening!
One of my favorite photos of the week of Rufus!

Rain and sunshine this week.

Rufus sneaking some hay from the litter boxes in the foreman's office!

Couch bunny with the foreman.

Smart Bravo staying cozy.

Window seat perch!

Barn in progress.
So funny - Rufus took a nap on his plate after eating his salad!

All festive with the Christmas tree lights!
Donkey inspectors again!

The weekly pose with Paco!

On one of my morning walks.

Salad time!
Donkeys inspecting the new shelter area.

 Had to put straw down due to all the mud - when it is complete it will have a gravel floor with rubber stall mats for the donkeys to stand on.
 Am going to get a smaller feeder, too - probably one that mounts on the side of the barn so they have even more room to move around.

Spying on the donkeys from above!
The bathroom addition is also coming along - all the "underneath" plumbing was completed!

What I see early in the morning while I come from feeding the donkeys in the dark!

The following photos are from a fun tea and gathering with bunny friends today!


 Silly selfie!

 As usual, a delicious vegan spread!