Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Merry Christmas, a HOPPY Birthday to Rufus, and a Brand New Nissan Leaf at the Lazy Vegan!

Merry (Belated) Christmas!! 
 It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks and I'm just getting caught up with the blog here at the Lazy Vegan - a lot of things have been going on, including first buying a used Nissan Leaf (all-electric car), having it for one week until the brakes failed (big software glitch!!), and then getting a brand new one (after the dealership bought back the used car)!  I absolutely love the car - so much fun to drive, and so fantastic to never go to the gas station!  We have a charging station at home and I can also use public charging stations.  I'm finally used to driving it and don't have "range anxiety" (worry about running out of battery power) like I did the first few days!  

Rufus celebrated his second "Gotcha Day" at the Lazy Vegan - so hard to believe it has been two years with this wonderful little guy - we just adore him and look forward to many more HOPPY years with him!

Sure missed my dad this year as he celebrated his first Christmas in Heaven.

Me and my brand new Nissan Leaf!  More photos on a future blog post - LOVE this car!
 So much fun on the day after Christmas at Snap's house!

 Setting up her new t.v.!

 Group photo session time!

 Snow!  (On the t.v.!).


 Fun with a potholder!

 Aaron and a look-a-like!

 Buddha, Jesus and Santa!

 Goodbye, tree!

Snuggle buns on Christmas morning.

Frosty mornings for the donks.

Barn fun!

Hugging time.

Silly Paco.

Farm animals stickers!!
The buns loved helping to open gifts.

Christmas bun.
Cold day hug.

Vegan lemon pie!
Wasabi and Rufus got a gift from Grandma!

The HOPPY birthday party with hay cookies!