Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Rain, a Fun Bun Lunch and More at the Lazy Vegan!

After too many seasons of no rain it is such a pleasure to wake up in the middle of the night HEARING rain!  So wonderful that I have made a vow not to complain about MUD!  Even though there is lots of it, and it makes donkey chores that much harder!  It was a busy week with all the animals healthy and happy.  I hosted a vegan "bun lunch" for my bunny friends and that's always fun!  So great to be with like-minded people who totally understand that a bunny resides under the kitchen table at lunch time!

 The following photos are from the "bun lunch"!  Of course, there was a bunny theme to the decor!

 And a vegan chocolate cake!
 And a bunny under the table!

 Visiting the donkeys!

 The donks LOVED the attention!

 Everyone had their MUD boots on!

 Paco tried to get some butt nips in!

 Weegie scored butt scratches!

 Bravo was in the mix, too!

 The indoor animals were ready to party!

 Lounging time!

 Those faces!

 Prowling around time!

 Hopping upstairs!

 Rainy day boys!

 Bun lunch time!
 Vegan cupcakes by Cathy!

 Homemade vegan cheese by Deb!

 Chocolate cake!

 Group photo of the crazy bunny people!

 There's a bun under the table!
 A gift from Deb - this awesome no-animal-testing bunny shirt!

 Another day, more bunnies...these were taken at Cathy's house - cutie pie Pearl!

 With a bow!
 And at Lynda's house - her big foster bun and cat!
 More of Cathy's adorable crew!

 And a little bunny themed shopping at Pier One!
 Bravo supervises salad time!
 The view from the new bathroom - Paco!
 The adorable duo.
 Pier One score!  Bunny plates!
 More at Lynda's house...

 Gate free date time!
 Exciting news - the clawfoot tub was installed in the new bathroom!
 Sun worshippers!

I love the view from the tub!