Sunday, February 28, 2016

Here Comes the Cupola on the Barn and Here Come a Bunch of Foster Bunnies at the Lazy Vegan!

OMB (OH MY BUN) what a week it has been at the Lazy Vegan!  At the start of the week, we had NO idea that by the end of the week we would be fostering not one but THREE little rabbits!  As I type this, they are all happily enjoying their vacation at the Lazy Vegan bunny resort, safely hopping around our bedroom away from the OTHER bunnies in the house and, of course, that DOG.  While I can't get into their details of their rescue online, let's just say they have been saved from sure fates of being outdoor hutch rabbits or worse.  They'll all be going to SaveABunny in a few days.  The foreman has already named them - and, of course, it would be great to keep every single bunny that crossed our paths - but that's NOT realistic!  In the meantime, it is so entertaining to watch bonded bunnies interact!

Plotting their day.

Oh, that face!

Bravo is much improved on his antibiotics, although all the major medical issues still remain.

Little video of Bravo, above - greeting me when I come home from my morning walk!
Here comes the cupola!  Woo hoo!  Now the barn just needs to be painted and it is complete!

Little video of the bed hopper Wasabi, above!
Oh, Paco!
More cupola photos.

Waiting for the rabbit to wake up.

The deck for the outdoor shower was also built this week!
Paco and the foreman peering into the new barn area.

 I wish I could divulge the drama of the situation, but can't.  But here are the three bunnies strapped in my Beetle ready to go to Hotel Lazy Vegan!  Yes, they are in cat boxes generously donated by Bravo's vet!
 The foreman helps "unload".

 And then, true foreman style, spent quality time in their area.

 This one has been named "Lobster" (by the foreman).
 So much fun to watch bunnies play together! Last night I hardly slept, though.  They were making noise and I was concerned that they might be fighting, but every time we turned on the light they were just racing around and even doing binkies!
This one is "Smoke" (Again, the foreman!).
We slowly expanded their area.
Amazingly, I was able to "sneak" Bravo in and tuck him into our bed at bedtime with nobody the wiser!

The donkeys are very happy with all the green grass!

Oh, Miz Wasabi!
Turkey by the cabin!
This is our neighbor's dog, Lucy.  She visits the donkeys and they don't mind!

Little birdie getting a drink.

Playful donks!
The wild cousin of the house rabbits.
The not-so-wild couch bunny.
Rooftop Rufus!

Paco showing some teeth.
Bird eating blossoms!

More of the foster buns!


The next morning, we made the pen even bigger and opened up the drapes.

I have to admit that I'm really going to miss seeing them.

 Sooooo adorable.

 Breakfast time.
 Quite the hotel!
 So much fun with the Cottontail Cottage!

 Grandma Snap came to visit!

 Kisses from Bravo!

 And "chinning" from Rufus!
 I spent a lot of time with the foster buns today.  I sure hope they end up in a good forever home.

 They really deserve to be well-loved fur family members!
 They're great salad munches!  Today I made five salads.  And cleaned five litter boxes.

A little "music video" featuring the bunnies!