Monday, February 1, 2016

A Break from the Rain, Lounging Bunnies, Dog and Donkeys and a HOPPY Birthday to Me at the Lazy Vegan!

It was pretty nice to get a little break from the rain this week with some beautiful sunny days for the donkeys to lounge and take dust baths (really, mud baths)!  A lot of lounging went on indoors, too - no nice weather necessary for that to happen!  And I had a great "birthday week"!  Easing slowly into my fifties with this being the (GASP) 51st year!

Indoor lounging (really perching)...

Horse across the way and a donkey below!

Rufus and his utterly adorable ears.

A little crowded at the "watering hole"!

Had a wonderful visit with my friend Andree and her husband, Randy!

The donkeys were thrilled to see them!

Oh, Wasabi!

Patiently waiting for dinner time.

Soaking up some sunshine!

Luigi's smile!

Dust bath time!

Sometimes Paco just has to sit!

Love the birthday cards I got!  Above hand drawn by Andree!

Hang out time with two rabbits.

Wasabi checks out the figurine bunny that my cousin Jennie sent me!

More from Andree's visit!
We really haven't changed that much (definitely not in behavior) since high school!

Two way traffic!

Nose bonks!

A little plumbing repair by the foreman...
Selfie with the old pup!

Waiting for dinner again!
Birthday visit from Karina!
Spending some quality time with the boys.

Birthday beach morning in my new birthday coat!

Beautiful at Goat Rock early in the morning.

The top of the big hill!

Looking forward to my 51st year!

 Claire came for dinner! (See Rufus).
 More birthday  fun with Snap!