Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Birthday to my dad, Happy Birthday to Luigi and a Week of Vet Visits for the Dog at the Lazy Vegan!

HAPPY (HOPPY!) 80th Birthday this past week to my dad!! Unfortunately, he had to celebrate this milestone birthday while in the hospital.  Above is one of my favorite roles that he played in our many family holiday plays; here he did an excellent job as Geppetto from Pinocchio! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!

This week was all about the vet for poor Bravo.  His primary vet discovered an irregular heartbeat and other issues, which prompted a visit to a specialist vet for an ultrasound to rule out cancer.  The old pup has a bladder stone and other issues, but hopefully no cancer.  He was a brave boy! Above he shows off his shaved belly from when the ultrasound was done.

Hanging around in the exam room!

And in the waiting room of the special vet.
Xrays showed an enlarged liver.

Being brave!
Headed home with a fancy bandana the vet gave him.
Not ready to have this old guy leave us just yet!
After recovering from the vet visits, he was back to his old tricks - here he's looking for some treats in my car!
The foreman (covered in sheet rock dust from the bathroom remodel) and the canine patient!
My wonderful morning walk.
A bit muddy still on the trail!
This dog belongs to a neighbor.  I happen to know he's friendly but he does kind of stare you down in the middle of the road!
The canine patient rests.
Caught in the act!  Rufus sneaking the "treat hay" reserved for later in the day!

It was so warm this past week that I wore sandals!

Luigi had a birthday this week, too!  His special birthday photo coming on up!

Dust bath time!

Just hanging out!

Waiting for the rabbit to wake up.

I can't stand how cute these two are together!

Sunshine and music therapy!

Soaking up some vitamin D!

All snout.

Everyone mingling (except the rabbits)!

At the Barlow with Bravo and Snap!

These two - up to no good again (Wasabi didn't bite the quilt, though!).
My bubble bath canine companion.

The weekly pose!

All smiles!
The view from my bubble bath in the new bathroom!  I love it.  It is a sanctuary!
Thinking...and doing!!
 Happy 9th Birthday to Luigi this week!  The same day as my dad - his grandpa Tom!  So you know it has to be a really great day!  He celebrated with carrots and some Mrs. Pasture's cookies and extra butt rubs!
These two...never fail to make me smile.