Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Birthday to Paco, Happy Valentine's Day, the Return of the Great Blue Heron and More at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a whirlwind week with another donkey birthday (Paco is such a sweetheart that he was actually born on Valentine's Day!), and with a "HOPPY" Valentine's Day photo shoot with the bunnies and the dog, AND with unexpected but not surprising return of the Great Blue Heron!  Luckily, the fish are always safe now due to the ever-present netting on top of the water feature.  The donkeys actually pointed out the arrival of the heron by staring at something in the yard with both of their ears pointing in the same direction - otherwise, I don't think I would have even noticed!

 Rufus is loving this book that Grandma Snap gave me!  Right up his alley!
 Bunny hug time!

 The two unbonded bunnies getting as close as possible through the gate...
 The trio!
 Happy 9th birthday to Paco!!!!  He celebrated with some Mrs. Pasture's cookies and carrot slices!
 The foreman seemed to need a new project so he painted the entry hall orange and Bravo helped!

All flopped out.

 Morning King of the Castle time.
 Snap and I ran in to Jennie on our Sunday outing!

Paco gets ready for a dust bath!

Bravo goes to the vet again tomorrow for another Xray.
Bravo shows off the freshly painted entry hall!

Had a fun belated birthday lunch with my friend Marion (also an Aquarian) and we had a blast using this new watercolor app!

The perfect Valentine card and an adorable little bunny in a leaf raft!
Snoozing with his stuffies.

Hopping along!
Oh, Wasabi - shown here having a grand time on the couch.  Well, when left alone one evening she took three big bites out of this very couch - so she's on probation!  Hee, hee.

Rufus lurking about.
If you look very closely, you'll see the donkeys "pointing out" the heron!

Flying off.  With NO fish!

The following are from a very fun Valentine's Day photo shoot!

At one point, Wasabi decided to leave!

 Old pup perches.
 Beautiful sunset one evening!

The weekly pose - with a daffodil on Paco's head!