Sunday, February 21, 2016

Warmer Days, a Visit to the Bunny Playground and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Super warm weather this past week and, frankly, we're ready for more rain here at the Lazy Vegan!  The donkeys enjoyed actually taking a dust bath v.s. a mud bath, though, and Bravo got to take some naps out in the sunshine on the deck.  Lots of young jack rabbits and birds out and about, too (I have to get a critter cam working again!).  Also went to the Bunny Playground this week at Sonoma Humane Society for a visit...ridiculously adorable!  Bunnies hopping around to music...such a sight.  I would take Wasabi there years ago in the hope that she would have love at first sight with another bun, but it never happened...and now she has love at first sight with Rufus - and a gate between them!
Very interesting clouds this week.

Bravo went to the vet again this week and was not too happy about it.

I love how my vet puts out a welcome sign with all the names of the patients to be seen that day!
New x-ray showed more bladder stones.
Lounging Paco!

Little donkey on the hillside!

Luigi performing some back leg stretches!

Hard to take a selfie when a donkey is resting his head on your lap!

The foreman saying hello.

Luigi gets his ears scratched.
Donkey in the forefront, horses in the distance!
Need I say more?

Wasabi with her stuffies.
Beautiful sunrise on a crisp morning!
Donkeys eagerly awaiting breakfast!
Don't tell me these two don't love one another!
OMG!  Costco is now carrying Just Desserts brand VEGAN chocolate cake!!
With her stuffies again.  Both bunnies LOVE their stuffies.
Rufus practices a little bunny yoga while Bravo naps.

Sunbeams and donkeys!

The weekly pose!
How cute is this photo above?!  I went to a Bunny Fostering class at Sonoma Humane Society and this was a page from their manual.
After the class I stopped by the Bunny Playground.  I'll be starting to volunteer there in a few weeks.  LOVE the bunnies hopping around.
This one is named Larry.  He liked sitting out by the welcome sign.
This is Lebowski.  CUTE!
Hamlet waiting to come out.

All the bunnies lined up while waiting for more to arrive before they can come out of their carriers.  These are all shelter bunnies needing homes - they come from the bunny room at the shelter to the classroom where the playground is held.
Lebowski's info!
Meanwhile, back at home...
This little guy is discovering the table top again!

Being very proper on the window seat! And VIDEO, below!