Tuesday, March 29, 2016

HOPPY Easter and a Bittersweet Farewell to the Foster Bunnies at the Lazy Vegan!

HOPPY (belated!) Easter from the Lazy Vegan crew!  Fun was had by all - including a vegan egg hunt in the living room with the rabbit and the dog! It was a busy week at the Lazy Vegan and a sad one - our foster time with the foster bunnies came to an end and the trio went to SaveABunny where they will be well-cared for while they await their forever home.  I plan on still helping with finding that perfect home - there's no way we will let that adorable little team of bunnies sit too long in any shelter!  It was really weird to have the bedroom empty, but Rufus and Bravo and Wasabi were happy to have it back on their "route"!  It does feel good knowing we helped save those bunnies from lives out in a small hutch somewhere - but I'm not sure we're cut out to be bunny foster parents - it is too hard to let them go! 

The trio had a great time for a month at the Lazy Vegan!

I am especially happy with how Trombone came out of his shell.
They enjoyed organic mixed salads every evening!
And afternoon sun bathing on the rooftop of their cottage.

Actually, it is hard even looking at these photos as I post them because I still miss them so much!

Deer and donkeys!

Silly wabbits.

Rufus checking outside.
And checking in with Bravo.
And trying to get into the foreman's office!

And the bedroom!

Bravo went  to  the vet  this week for another xray and  things are  the same.
Saying hi to the trio after they ate their morning pellets.

Rufus explores the fireplace room.

Trombone lounging.

Easter fun with the donkeys!

On the ride to SaveABunny!

checking out  their new surroundings!

Photos got a tad out of order here...above I am snuggling Emmeline at SaveABunny - she is one of three bunnies that we helped rescue from an illegal meat operation.  She was the first bunny I saw early one morning in a meadow while out on my walk.  I'm pretty sure she's still destined to be at the Lazy Vegan one day.  She snuggled right up to me.  I think she may remember who I am!  And the foreman is the one who really rescued her because it was getting dark and we had two rabbits caught but she had gotten away and the foreman corralled her back in.

I sat with her right after I got the trio all set up in their new x-pen area at SaveABunny.  I was thrilled that they started to explore their new surroundings right away and seemed fine.  But Emmeline helped me from breaking down in tears!

Rufus heads upstairs (but not all the way).
Living room bun.

Bravo and Grandma Snap!

 enjoying the bedroom once again!

Sunshine donkeys.

Still fine tuning my new critter cam - so hopefully some videos next week!