Sunday, March 20, 2016

HOPPY St. Patrick's Day, More Rain and More Fun at the Lazy Vegan!

Very fun week at the Lazy Vegan with St. Patrick's Day - also the birthday of my awesome and talented nephew, Aaron - (Happy Birthday, Muffin Head!) - and a visit from my sister and a fun afternoon with the "bunny gals!" AND cataract surgery successfully accomplished by my mom (as the patient!).  The foster bunnies continue to delight with the utter adorableness and cute antics - but time is rapidly running out for their stay at Hotel Lazy Vegan!  By the end of this month if we haven't found them a new home, they'll go on to SaveABunny where they will be safe and happy while they continue a search for the perfect forever home.  It has been so awesome to see them relax and blossom during the past few weeks and it will be VERY sad to part with them!

 Visit from Patty and an outing downtown!
 Umbrella weather!
 These photos some how got out of order.  Snap at Silk Moon, above...
 And later in the day, with Paco in the barn...

Rufus chillin' with the foreman.

Lobster hanging out.

Breakfast time!


And dinner time!

Litter box time.
And, finally, bedtime.

And then you start all over again the next day!

Lounging time.

Look-out tower time.
Rufus has stopped going down the hallway to try to get into the bedroom!

IKEA doll bed nap time.

Buns on the run.

Happy roll over!

St. Patrick's Day bunnies!

Luigi and a turkey.
Turkey vulture on my morning walk.
Hoof to foot!
My holiday shamrock socks!
Bedtime again.
This is Jerome - he was going to come here to be fostered, but space opened up first at Sonoma Humane so I visited him there.  He's very shy and sweet.

Some of Jerome's roommates at Sonoma Humane!
Back at home, Foster Bun Trombone is really settling in!
A cataract surgery collage!  Snap did great!!
Rufus being Rufus.
The weekly (holiday version) pose.

Skinny old pup Bravo helping clean out the barn.
Trombone again!

HAPPY 23rd birthday to Aaron!
Wasabi "spilling" out of her cottage!

Oh, my. Staying clean!

Another night!
So many toys, so little time.

Caught on camera - this little love pair!

A friend came by with a HUGE fluffly new dog named Panda and the donkeys were intrigued!

Fun vegan lunch with the bunny gals!

And then to the Lazy Vegan for a visit!

At Slice of Life.

Of course the bunny gals had to visit the foster buns!

And the donkeys!


The donks LOVE the bunny gals!

Bravo got lots of love, too!

Paco got into the St. Patrick's Day spirit!