Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rain, rain and rain (and no complaints!) - the Donkeys Take Over the Barn and the Foster Buns REALLY Settle in at the Lazy Vegan!

It was quite the week with storm after storm - lots of rain (and we are not complaining!).  So much, in fact, that the drainage issue around the donkeys' new shelter area at the side of the barn was no longer acceptable to hang out in for feeding times...so they were offered the new area (meant for future hay storage), much to their extreme delight!  And we realized that this may very well end up being the permanent use - as a "dining room" with limited storage of pine shavings, etc. in part of the room...we may even eventually build a loft for more storage.  The hay will likely continued to be stored in the old cabin, which has worked out fine for years (although means more shuffling around with me carrying hay to the barn - but, heck - it's become part of my work-out regimen!).  

And in other news, the foster buns are REALLY settling right in to a new routine and are sooooooo adorable.  There's one lead on a possible new home so fingers crossed.  It will be a sad day when we finally do part, but a necessary one - we don't need three more bunnies taking up residence in our bedroom for the next ten years or so!

Claire came to visit the foster buns!

Of course they loved her.

Trombone getting cozy in the basket.


Play time.

And grooming.

Standing up!

It's pretty much a zoo.
Meanwhile, Rufus has been exploring the staircase to make up for not being able to venture into the bedroom.

Loads of new green grass!
Bravo is rapidly losing more weight.  He goes back to the vet in another week.
Another shot of the area that the trio get to hang out in - not too shabby.

Breakfast time!

Lounging time!

Exploration time.

Wasabi doing a stand up.

Saying hi!

Flopped out after breakfast.

And Wasabi flopped out after breakfast (Rufus and Wasabi look HUGE compared to the foster buns).

Lounge, lounge, lounge.

The foreman with Rufus!

Flood waters below.

Rufus on the roof top.

The boys hanging out in the "sleeping area" of the barn - the new "dining room" is to the left!

Lobster and the ton-of-fun bun run.

More flood waters spotted below... so happy we live on a hill!
Getting out to graze in a break in the weather.
Indoor grazing!

The donks spent a lot of time in the barn this past week.

The trio lounging.  Again.

Hey!  That's MY strand of hay!

I have to say with the exception of one or two nights, they have been very quiet at bedtime!

The resident crew spending quality time together.


Salad time.
Cleaning out the new dining room to get it safe for the donkeys.
One in each stall!

Oh, hello there!
Inside the dining room of the barn.  Fancy!
Selfie of the week!
The foreman had help with a painting project this week.
Saying hi to Pinto.
I've become Alice of Wonderland in my own house - I saw a white rabbit hop by!
Lobster approves of my bunny themed socks.
Poor Rufus - still trying to get into the bedroom.
And Wasabi hasn't given up on her couch "project"!
The trio look so cute eating together.
More lounging.  Everywhere one goes, there seems to be lounging.
The foreman visits the foster buns.
The weekly pose with a wet donkey!

On my morning walk some areas were hard to pass.

Weegie headed to the barn.

Luigi gave me his butt for some scratching!

MUD, mud, mud.
But nice and dry inside!
Supervising salad time.
Selfie with Rufus!
Up to no good!

Another shot of the dining room.  It's hard to photograph completely - the ceiling is very high on the right - definitely room for a future loft if needed.
Wasabi helps the foreman paint by supervising from a lounging position.
Of course the foreman would take on a paint project - never a dull moment!
Our little old skinny pup.

Kitchen beggars after my vegan blueberry pancakes!!!

 Bravo looks after Rufus while he naps!