Monday, March 7, 2016

The Foster Buns Settle Right in at the Lazy Vegan

We passed the one-week mark with the adorable trio of foster buns here at the Lazy Vegan!  They are the cutest little group of bunnies and it is ridiculously entertaining to watch them interact (of course, actual bonded bunnies are a novelty around this household!). It is amazing how quickly they've settled in and are already used to a certain routine (they know ALL about salad time!).  Trombone is definitely the most reserved and shy of the group, but he's coming out of his shell and will hop over for a pet if you sit down in his area.  Pinto always hops up for a pet and so does Lobster.  It is so much fun to come into the room and find them lounging together or playing or eating...basically anything they do is amusing and adorable!  There's no doubt, though, that it has been stressful dealing with them with the rest of the animal chores and with keeping them in our bedroom.  But if it means more opportunity for them to stay together while a new family is found - and they can stay together as a bonded trio - then the inconvenience and extra work is worth it!  Frankly the hardest thing is not falling in love with them and becoming "foster failures"! Check out their adoption profile at SaveABunny on the link below: ("Trombone" was formally "Smoke"): 

 Trombone, Pinto & Lobster

Lobster relaxing on the rooftop of his cottage.
He definitely likes this spot!
Trombone doing the bunny "loaf".
Our bedroom won't be the same for a while...

All the bunnies really love to peer through the cardboard windows!

Great fun was had with the IKEA doll bed until one of them decided it was a good place to pee...

Trombone loves the wicker tent.

Salad time is a big hit!

It's so much fun to walk into the room and find them together.

Yes, this week's blog post will be pretty much all about the foster buns.  It has taken a week for me to settle into a routine and is definitely a bit overwhelming.  The rest of the crew also definitely know that something is up!


Litter box time!

Lobster grooming.
Lobster demonstrates how to toss the plastic keys!

Lobster waits his turn to be groomed.

The foreman says good-night!

Sharing hay.

And bedtime again...

They also go crazy at breakfast time!

Ridiculous Lobster.

Just hanging out.
Lobster checking in with Trombone.

Cutie-pie Pinto.

Trombone and Pinto snuggling.

Ah, finally - some of the regular crew!

Of course they get their own sign.


Wasabi is not that thrilled about getting a bit less of my attention.

And Rufus has been "acting out" a bit, too - he went into the foreman's office and did a bit of wire snipping!

The resident buns discuss the foster imposters.

Such a cute trio - fingers crossed they can be adopted out all together!

Nap time.

How many buns can fit into a basket?

Meanwhile, Rufus tried his best to open the door to the bedroom!

In other news this week, we had some rainstorms!
The weekly (wet) pose with Paco!
Rufus at it again.

Even though there are three litter boxes in their area, some times the foster buns like to all cram into one!

So adorable and adoptable!

Wasabi helped herself to the couch this week...literally (she chewed a nice big hole!).
Stormy pose!
The boys were happy to have a dry barn to go to this week.

The couch chewer herself.
The usual crew waiting for salad time.

Paco with a daffodil behind his ear!

Two foster bun videos...

On next week's blog I promise there will be more photos of the RESIDENT Lazy Vegan animals!