Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beach Tribute to Dad

This week I went by myself to have a little memorial/tribute for Dad at the beach.  I left early in the morning and had the whole beach to myself for a long time.  There is something absolutely magical about being completely alone on the beach (along with the seagulls and other critters).  It was a stunning day - no wind and not a cloud in sight.  I didn't say goodbye to Dad because I don't believe this is goodbye; instead, I talked to him and also to my brother, Dan, and I feel like they could hear me.

Short video clip, above, of the sound of the waves and Dad's photo and mementos.

I took about fifty photos in total but am not posting them all here.

Nobody in sight!

Finally, a nice couple walked by and I asked them to take my photo.  I found that I was so emotional, though, that when I went to ask them, I was speechless - I had tears instead of words!  I was able to get out my sentence and they were super kind about it all.
Before heading to the beach, I visited Dan's memorial picnic table and set up Dad's things there for a while, too.  When I left the beach for good, I took the flowers and Dad's prayer card over to the table and left them there.

I've always been a believer of the unseen and the unknown and even the ridiculous.  Hence, an explanation of the above photo.  At one point I was trying to get a grip on my emotions and heard the sound of geese honking from above.  I was surprised to see geese at the beach and I took a photo of them. After I spotted them, I immediately felt calmer. On the day after Dad passed, two geese landed on our house and then flew off while I was talking to Karina on the deck - we didn't see them but the foreman came to tell us about it.  So I thought it was cool that two geese showed up at the beach.  Anyway, when I got home and was shuffling through my many photos on my iPhone, I noticed the bright blue object in the lower right.  All I can say is this:  Google "spirit orbs."  It is a thing!  And colors mean different things.  I am a believer!  Whether it was Dad or Dan or a spirit guardian, I do not believe I was alone on that beach and I find that super comforting.

I drove around Bodega Harbor where Dad and Deb would rent a house each year - countless fond memories of those times.

After Bodega Harbor, I went to the Tides Gift Shop to look for a little whale memento since I already have a few elephant items to remind me of Dad.  Immediately upon entering the shop, there was a kitchen towel display that featured towels with fish and ocean themes...and check out the manufacturer's label - an elephant!!  OMG.

The plaque I had ordered arrived for Dad and I put it on the same oak tree where Dan's ashes are buried.  Now I can sit on the bench and visit with both of them.

Rufus hopped up on the table to smell the flowers!

Bravo gets a hug from Grandma Snap.

Snap and I love the new sculpture of Luther Burbank!

A certain dog can nap anywhere!
Rain and clouds this week.
My rainy morning walk in video form.

Bravo on the bunny bed!

The team!
Sleepy Rufus.
Paco at dinner time.
I was surprised at how much rain we got in one day!

Rufus looks for a snack while Bravo snores.
Wasabi LOVES her evening field trips to the bedroom!

Silly selfie!
Hanging out with the donks.

Bravo and Wasabi share a moment.
These two are so adorable at the gate!

Earlier in the week I returned some black slacks that I had bought for Dad's service.  I was feeling particularly blue and waiting in a long line at Marshall's.  I remember that I was thinking just earlier  that day that I was afraid I would forget what Dad's voice sounded like.  Suddenly, a little plate caught my eye - sitting among some cups and odds and ends all by itself.  Elephants and whales remind me of Dad, and this was definitely an elephant - and I was stunned when I read the words!  Forget me not.  (!!).  I said to myself, "I won't forget you, Dad" and bought the plate!

The plate goes perfectly with the little stuffed elephant that I had given Dad last year and then took back!
Somebunny was very busy this week.  And his name is Rufus.  In one quick visit to the foreman's office, he took care of the phone and the internet!
Looking ridiculous cute next to Bravo.
The equine checking out the canine!

Weegie basking.

Fresh air time!

Beautiful morning trail walk.
A lot of table hopping lately - you can barely spot Mr. Rufus here.
Having fun with  the drapes!
Yep - that's the side view of a bunny yawn!
Cute as usual.

Taking in the view!