Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Vet Visits the Donkeys, Happy (HOPPY) Memorial Day Weekend, the Bunnies Keep Hanging Out and More at the Lazy Vegan!

 Time to put the flag out for Memorial Day weekend!  (Blurred photo - I took it from the donkey pasture and the iPhone doesn't zoom in that great!).  We celebrated the holiday weekend by continuing to monitor our dear bunnies - they're well on their way to "co-existing" - so thrilling to see them hanging out gate-free!  Even kind of playing together!  They've come a long way in just a few weeks and I have a good feeling they'll continue to progress. 

The donkeys had a visit from their vet this week for their annual West Nile vaccinations (sounds so exotic).  They were not thrilled, and I got the fun task of holding Paco's lead rope while he received his shot and he had to be a "drama donkey" and act out while the foreman had Luigi who stood perfectly still!  Turns out Paco has a case of "rain rot" on his legs that I have to treat with some topical meds (and bribe him with Mrs. Pasture's cookies while doing so).  

SO much fun with the Ikea doll beds!

Got to hold Lola, the three-legged dog while getting my hair cut!  Still miss our Bravo so much.

 Just hanging out.
 Munching some hay!
 Helping the foreman unload some beer!
 CONGRATS to my nephew, Drew, for graduating from High School!  He has a great future ahead!
 Early morning with Paco.

 Monitoring bunnies while wearing my bunny slippers.

Sharing treat hay together.
 Selfie with Paco!
 Ran into my friend Jennie while out with Snap!
 Sharing salad together!
 This bun has been nibbling on the couch again.
 Morning snuggle time.

Short video clip of touching noses, above!

Living room time!
The double donkey hug!
OMG - Rufus all flopped out next to Wasabi's stuffed animals while she looks on.

Grooming stuffies!

More flopping out.

Even Wasabi got into the flopping out act!

Very civilized!

Last night Rufus kept coming back downstairs to hang out with Wasabi.

Morning play time.

More time with Paco.  As soon as Luigi saw me headed to the barn with fly spray and meds, he took off!

OMG!  What timing - check out Paco's grin in the video above.
Getting ready for the donkey vet!
From the critter cam - brief bobcat, above - and a fawn nursing, below!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bonding Bunnies Continues at the Lazy Vegan

It was another week of bonding bunnies at the Lazy Vegan - although we are calling it "co-existing" - really we just want to eventually be able to have them live together without a gate up!  So far it is going very well, although Wasabi will still do her share of chasing Rufus (he never chases her - he's such a gentlebun).  Every day when we are home, the gate goes away and with supervision they can just hang out with one another - and I think they are both secretly very pleased with this new development! This blog post is pretty much all about the two bunnies! The donkeys will get more coverage on next week's blog post!

I'm typing this on my brand new laptop as my old faithful one finally had keyboard issues that could not be resolved.  The foreman helped me set it up and it's like starting a new school year or something - everything is very clean and perfect - let's see how long that will last!

CHECK OUT the video above with sound!  Our co-existing bunnies!

OMG - I had quite the dragonfly experience this week - this fellow or gal visited me for a long time - I suspect it is a fellow and that it is either Dad, Dan or Bravo coming to visit in the form of a dragonfly!
Dragonfly in my eye!

The team in the kitchen - at first Wasabi would chase Rufus out (see below) but then became much more willing to share her space.

Total flop.

Rufus safe up on the chair!
Grooming time.

Gotta get really clean!

Bouncy bun!

Coffee table bun.

The fascination with the stairs continues.

 My Shutterfly canvas prints of Bravo and all three terriers arrived this week and look beautiful!

 Paco got a small wound on his leg and I treated it and put pink fly stuff around it to protect it - and as a thank you he rested his head on mine!  Vet comes next week for their shots and I'll have him look at his leg, too.

It's so awesome to see them together with no gate!

More lounging.

Eating "treat hay" nearby.
I call the photo above being "at the drive-in" - they are both watching the same movie!

Rufus standing up to make sure he knows where Wasabi is.

Special petting time (and supervising).

Towards the end of the week Wasabi didn't care if Rufus was in the kitchen (he is in the box beside her).
Litter box togetherness!

A LOT of grooming of the stuffed animals went on!

At salad time I just put both of their salads into a big heap on the carpet where they could "forage" together.
When they are this close, I am RIGHT THERE.

More flopping.
Video above of Wasabi doing a hilarious roll-over!

Supervising bunnies can be exhausting!

Couch time!

Sneaking a look via my zoom lens - two very relaxed buns in the kitchen.

The wild cousin of the indoor buns.

Now every morning Rufus comes downstairs as soon as we open up his gate (after he rattles it at about 6:00 a.m., right after the donkeys hee-haw!

Really, it is pretty amazing how far they've progressed in such a little amount of time (of course, it helps that they have known each other for over a year now with a gate up!).

Peaceful salad time.

Flopped out in the kitchen.  Very trusting of him.

Ran across this classic old photo of when the donkeys were small and Bravo would watch from the window!  Still missing our little old pup so much.

Whoa - intense critter cam video above of a coyote stalking a fawn (I don't think he succeeded).

The weekly pose with Paco!