Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day, Happy 79th Birthday to Snap and More at the Lazy Vegan!

We are slowly carving out a new routine without our beloved Bravo at the Lazy Vegan.  We still miss him so much and the house is so quiet without him here - there's an absence deeply felt by the humans and the rabbits and the donkeys!  To console ourselves, we have been looking at dog rescue groups online - so many dogs need homes out there, including puppies!  The foreman went to an adoption fair to look at a group of dogs (although it's too soon for us to consider getting one) - photo below is one pup who was there.  

So much fun this weekend celebrating Snap's early 79th birthday and Mother's Day with Patty and Snap!  Hard to believe she is 79 - she acts and looks more like 49!  We toured the big metropolis of Sebastopol and all ordered the same lunch at East West.  Then today a bit more of the same - so much fun to walk downtown from Snap's house!  

HAPPY 79th Birthday, Snap!!  
And HAPPY Mother's Day to all the moms in my extended family and the mamas of the animal world everywhere.

It's a good thing I wasn't with the foreman at the adoption fair because it would have been very hard to just look.
OMG!  I treated myself to bunny slippers for Mother's Day and Rufus approved!

Adorable card from the foreman.
Identical fun cards from Snap to me and Patty!
A little birthday present opening!
Snap looks great in purple!

These photos got a bit out of order - here's Patty at the cute little thrift store in Sebastopol.

At Silk Moon!
Cake time!

OMG - I match my mother!
By the City Hall famous rhubarb.
More cake time (not sure why I couldn't get the correct order of these photos to stay!).

The same vegan Thai meal a East West!
In Copperfield's bookstore.

Silk Moon again.

Mother's Day morning outing, below!

Earlier in the week, you-know-who paid a visit.

Rufus has been exploring more - most likely to make up for the fact he misses his doggie buddy.


I took a hundred photos of him here.

A few different weekly pose photos with Paco!

Wasabi gets some beauty rest.

 OMG!  Amazing mama turkey!!

 We got an "interim dog" and Rufus loves him.

Bobcat is back!