Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rufus Conquers the Open Staircase, the Bunnies go to the Vet Together, Bonding Bunnies Sessions and Looking at Rescue Pups at the Lazy Vegan!

It has been quite the week of accomplishments here at the Lazy Vegan!  Rufus suddenly conquered the open staircase - which is huge - now he can go up and down to the "bro-cave" whenever he feels like it!  We used to have to carry him up and down.  He's quite pleased with himself and I am a bit nervous about it (since the staircase is "open") - but he's a very cautious bunny and it is awfully cute to see him suddenly decide to go up...and down.  He had actually accomplished this last week, but we thought it might be a fluke - but it's here to stay!  I told the foreman that we need to make sure to still pick him up once a day just for practice so he doesn't forget what that's all about! 

And in other exciting news, I took both bunnies to the vet at the same time for their annual exam (thinking it might be a good bonding experience).  I belted their two travel carriers into the backseat of my Beetle and off we went to see Dr. Pfann in Petaluma.  Hard to say if it had any effect regarding bonding - because pretty much as soon as we returned home, Rufus went upstairs and put himself to bed!  It was all a bit much for him. 

The foreman and I - still deeply grieving our beloved Bravo - went to check out Green Dog Rescue and held (GASP) two puppies.  So adorable.  One I espeically liked - a mellow poodle-mix named "Peta".  The next day we decided to go get her, but discovered she had already been adopted just an hour before.  It's o.k. - it was a bit too soon, anyway, although now I fear if we wait too long it may not happen at all - we will just have to wait and see.  I really miss having a dog around but there's no doubt it is a bit complicated with the bunnies.

Lastly, we are back at our style of bunny bonding - and so far it is going pretty darn good - Miz Wasabi still chases Rufus but nothing like she used to and they're even sharing salad time together! Fingers crossed if we keep at it that they will eventually bond.  Bunnies are complex.  And bonding bunnies is not a joke!

Happy Birthday this past week to Snap!!!
 An explanation of the above photo:  since Bravo passed, I have only had two dreams about him - and both were not good dreams - they both had the same theme of not being able to protect him from harm which was awful.  On the morning of the second dream, I asked Bravo to come visit in a good dream or to send me some sign that he was o.k.  Then I went grocery shopping and a card that said "Bravo" caught my eye (of course!) - and just two cards below the Bravo card was a card of a cartoon Jack Russell dog!  So I do believe that was, indeed, my "sign"!  And I was super happy to get it!
Couch bunny.

 Rufus snuggles up to his new stuffie, "New Dog".

 In their carriers in the waiting room at the vet!
 Turns out Wasabi had the start of a double ear infection!  So she is on meds twice a day and has been really good at taking it (a dab of banana does wonders).
 And, amazingly, Wasabi lost a lot of weight!  So now she's 7.3 pounds and Rufus is 7.2 - they're only an ounce apart!
 In the car - they JUST fit!
 Exam time.

 Back at home, Mr. Staircase himself!

 We celebrated a closed escrow with lunch at our favorite Slice of Life!

 OMG!  The poodle mix named Peta at Green Dog Rescue  Her mother died when she was two weeks old.
Another pup held by the foreman.  It is amazing we left there empty-handed!

 The donkeys have been enjoying life lately. (Not that they ever don't enjoy life!).

 Mr. Staircase again - this is the part that makes me a wee nervous - since he's up high!

 Paco sees and hears something.

 Getting ready for a dustbath!

 It cracks me up when the donkeys walk by as I'm cleaning out the barn.
 Nap time with Bear.
 Look - no gate!
A little video above of the no-gate salad time!

 Supervised no-gate time.


 So close.

 I love seeing them with no gate between them.

 Things got a bit stressful when Rufus decided to go on the window seat.

Rufus headed upstairs.
A little staircase video, above!

 More dustbathing.

 It's fly season which means fly spray for the donkeys once or twice a day - Paco comes into the barn to get his application like a good boy.

 That SNOUT!
 Some weekly poses with Paco!

 My fave photo, above.  Paco is such a nut.  I guess I am, too!