Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Red Barn, a Heat Wave, Family Visits and a Fun Trip (Finally) to Auburn at the Lazy Vegan!

Super hot and super fun week at the Lazy Vegan!  Had a great visit with out-of-town family and then finally got my panic-attack-on-the-freeway butt in a car (driven by my sister) up to Auburn to visit my sister and her family!  Still not a fan of the freeway, but it felt great to face the demon!  And what did the foreman do during the heat wave this week? Paint the barn - it is almost done and looks amazing - nothing quite like a red barn!

 No doubt one of the cutest photos of the week, above and below...Rufus yawning!

 Post yawn cuteness, too (Wasabi was napping).

 Little baby birds getting fluffier!

And had a great visit with a shelter bun named Wendell at Sonoma Humane this week - short video below:

 Taking a painting break in the shade.

 The weekly pose with Paco!

 The red barn!

 Wasabi continues to groom Rufus and tries to get him to groom her back, but so far that hasn't happened.  They have a very cute togetherness going on but Rufus still opts for his bachelor pad upstairs at night - although now he comes upstairs hours later than he used to (a timely 9:45 p.m.) and puts himself right to bed!
Grooming Rufus video, below!

Another angle of the barn.  I love how rich this color is.
So much fun with John, Tracy, Sam, Patty, Anthony and Drew visiting!  Vegan dinner at Snap's house and then down to Screamin' Mimi's for dessert!

Great group photos with the iPhone self-timer and a ladder!

The foreman joined us after his tennis match.

Somehow my photos got woefully out of order.  Here I am at my sister's house with Sparky!

 And goofing around (kind of) with a bag for comfort in the backseat.
 More visits from the beautiful home in Auburn!

 Gotta love the self-timer on the iPhone for group photos!

 The traveling companion.

 Had to kiss the driveway upon arrival!

 My sister made an incredible all-vegan lunch!

 Sparky has a lot of toys!

 Back at home - Paco proudly poses by the barn.

 Rufus snoring away.

 Sunflowers are in bloom!

 Still plenty of lavender.

 The foreman paints the cupola.


More napping.

Beautiful jack rabbit.
Back in Auburn - sorry these got so out of order!

Incredible view!

And fantastic front deck to admire the view from!

Zoomed in on some faraway snow-capped mountains.

The ride back.

Spotted this poor group pushing their old VW!

Mama turkey and her young.

And a mama turkey video, below: