Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Farrier Visits, the Strawberries Ripen and OH MY BUN - a Bunny Bonding Breakthrough on Father's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

LOOK at this photo above - Wasabi GROOMING Rufus!!!!!!
 OH MY BUN!!!!!!!!!!!! (OMG!!!!)  Amazing bunny bonding breakthrough today at the Lazy Vegan when I walked into the living room to find Wasabi GROOMING Rufus!  In the bunny bonding world, that is HUGE!!!  Certainly had never happened before and it was incredible to watch - went on for at least fifteen minutes and then she repeated it several more times (and is still at it now) throughout the day!  I believe we have a pair of BONDED bunnies!  After over a year of living in the same house and after a solid month of co-existing without a gate up, success has been achieved - and love is blossoming!  Definitely the highlight of the week!!  

HOPPY Father's Day to all the fathers in my extended family today and to the foreman of the Lazy Vegan and especially to my dad as he celebrates the day in Heaven - I so very much miss talking to him today and wished him a Happy Father's Day many times - I always loved how he would try (and usually succeed) to call me first on Father's Day!!  I love you, Dad.  

In other news this week, the farrier paid a visit to the donkeys and I went to the grand opening of the new animal shelter in Healdsburg where I fell in love with a one-eyed poodle named Jade and we are actually second in line for possibly adopting her - which may sound crazy, or may be perfect - who knows!  One person put their application in ahead of us so it is doubtful that she will be available.  She had a very sweet way about her and I think would get along with the bunnies.  But now that the bunnies appear to be bonded (OH MY BUN!!), we may want to continue to remain dog-free for a while longer to see how everything goes.


Grooming video, above!
 MORE grooming sessions!

 Rufus hanging out.
 Earlier in the week, exhausted from bonding sessions.
 Relaxing with the stuffies.
 Waiting for the farrier to arrive!

 Luigi watches the farrier work!
 The strawberries are RIPE!
 Couch bunny.

 Rufus and his ear!
 In the trees with Paco!

The foreman is painting the barn and trying a sample red color out.

At the grand opening of Healdsburg Center for Animals!
The bunny department!
Rufus coming downstairs.
We have been doing a lot of spying on the bunnies from the landing this week.

Morning trail walk!
Rufus likes to hang out near my side of the bed during the day lately.
More of the Healdsburg Center for Animals!

Jade, the one-eyed two-year old girl poodle!  So cute and sweet.

This hilarious fellow is a therapy dog not available for adoption.
A kissing booth (with dogs!).

With Blitz the therapy dog and a sampling of other dogs.
Completed my Shuttefly canvas prints of the fur family members who have passed.
Finally had ordered one of little old Valentine!

 Turkeys with babies!

 Turkey on the donkey fence - so silly.

 "Loafing" together.

Little video of Rufus on the window seat, above.

 Snuggling with stuffies.

 Snap and I had fun in downtown Sebastopol today when we visited this "Before I Die" wall although it hadn't opened yet when we were there together - so she went back on her own to write on it later!

 Snap wrote "See Hillary - President"!