Sunday, June 12, 2016

Veggies from the Garden, Bird Eggs Hatching and Making Lavender Sachets at the Lazy Vegan!

The foreman planted an awesome veggie garden this year and suddenly things are ready to pick - including the first zucchini, above!  We've been eating salad for weeks from the garden but this is the first "sturdy" vegetable to appear, along with beans and yummy strawberries (that we shared with the birds).  And that tiny little bird nest right outside our kitchen window with the adorable blue eggs now has a few tiny little birds - OMG!  So adorable.  Was very careful to take just one photo without getting too close or disturbing anything. Still drying lavender and making sachets - I do this work in the cabin, where all the lavender is hung upside down or is drying on the ground.  It smells amazing and is kind of therapeutic work!

Little known fact:  rabbits fold laundry!
Strawberries shown by the foreman - from the garden!

The bunnies continue to do their hang-out routine.

Grooming and drinking water - very casual behavior, which is great.

I love how Wasabi stares at Rufus while he grooms!

Little video of Wasabi grooming the stuffed animals, above.
This is another bird nest - this one is by our front door!

Playtime on the playground equipment!

I'd love to know what goes on in those little bunny heads.

Had a great vegan lunch with my bunny gal friends and then we checked out an awful petting zoo at the farmer's market and called authorities regarding the lack of shade and available water and other things for the poor rabbit, ducks, chickens and ponies there.  The ponies were tethered right next to their trailer with their water too far away for them to get (since they were tied) and sitting in the hot sun.  The woman running the thing only gave the other animals water and some shade after we called authorities and she knew we were calling them.  I wish these type of zoos -and all zoos - would be banned for good. I wanted to scoop up that poor bunny and take him/her home!
OMG!!  BEST news of the week, for sure!  That adorable trio that we fostered for a month has been adopted!  I got a call from the owner of SaveABunny as the adoption was in progress and got to speak with the new bunny parents.  So excited for them and so thrilled that the wonderful trio got to stay together as a group!  Hope to be updated on their new life in their new home.  Below are some of my favorite Instagram posts that I posted about them when they were at the Lazy Vegan.

 Here come the blackberries!
 Making those lavender sachets!
 Eating the "special" hay together.
 I made spicy dilly beans from the garden!
 Handsome Luigi.

 Silly Paco.
 Brought some keys to Otto at Sonoma Humane this past week and he loved them - started to tossing them around right away!
 The green beans fresh from the garden!

Litter box time together.

Look closely - some of the eggs have hatched!

 Sweet dreams, Rufus.
 Every night around 9:45 p.m. Rufus will put himself to bed - climb right into his cottage, groom, and go to sleep.  It is beyond cute!!
 Starting the day off with a good grooming.

The weekly pose!  Till next week!