Monday, June 6, 2016

Welcoming June, Harvesting the Lavender, and the Arrival of New "Stuffie" Dog at the Lazy Vegan

Can't believe it is already June!  The flies are out in full force so fly spray for the donkeys is a daily routine.  Paco's "rain rot" is healing slowly and Luigi got a patch of it, too - always something going on at the Lazy Vegan!  The bunnies continue doing quite well with "co-existing" although I'm still hopeful that one of them will start grooming the other and that we can call it REALLY being bonded!

And in somewhat ridiculous news but comforting to me, a new dog arrived - a stuffed animal Jack Russell that at first glance reminds me a lot of Bravo!  He can ride in my car and hang out with the bunnies and be a fine interim dog until the time is right for a rescue pup to come into our lives! And he is very quiet - really very well- mannered!

 New stuffie dog in my car!
 Right where Bravo used to sit.

 Hanging out with the bunnies.

Couch bun - Miz Wasabi is up to no good with some couch nibbling...

Rufus ready for action!
Relaxation time.

Wasabi grooming the stuffies!
The weekly pose with Paco!

Birds everywhere at the Lazy Vegan right now - and nests all over the place, too - this one right out side our kitchen window!

 We harvested the lavender!  The foreman cut it all down and now I'm hanging it up to dry to make sachets and other things - makes the cabin smell fantastic!
 Showing off the lavender and my ring from Wildkind Jewelry!

 It takes a long time but is also fun to produce something on our property!

Oh, Paco!
The stomach flu visited me this week (UGH) - but luckily New Stuffie Dog arrived that very day to keep me company.

Also got my memorial Bravo necklace this week.
Turkeys in the mist!  BABY turkeys, too!

 Wasabi's silly ears.
Love my morning walks!
Rufus up to no good checking out the foreman's closet.
The buns are having a lot of fun with a new playground set-up.

More togetherness!

Luigi knows he's being followed.

The donkeys are eating the prickly weeds near the cactus - which I am really surprised to see.
Reaching for out-side-the-fence nibbles!

Beautiful jack rabbit with golden ears on critter cam!