Monday, July 4, 2016

HOPPY Fourth of July, Happy Bunnies and a Coyote Visitor at the Lazy Vegan!

HOPPY Fourth of July!  What a grand holiday weekend it has been!  Now that we have a beautiful red barn it is perfect for holiday photos!  The foreman spent the holiday digging a trench to put in a new water line for the new placement of the automatic waterer on the donkey barn (and the donkeys helped).  And we had a very productive day cleaning out the cabin and moving our big couch out there - so now there is an official napping spot, and the couch will no longer be nibbled on by a certain bunny! To top off the holiday, a beautiful coyote came for a visit - he or she was no doubt looking for some vegan burgers!
Paco decided to wear his spiffy holiday accessory.

Holiday attention!
Paco supervises while the foreman installs the automatic waterer.

Vegan sundae!
Salad time - and I love seeing the red barn as I eat!
Patriotic Rufus.
Had a fun time visiting my neighbor and spending time with her very spoiled chickens - here, one of her roosters will "crow on command" (see video below)!

These chickens have a great life - get to free range safely in a fenced pasture and then have an amazing huge coop to go into at night.

Snarky expression time!

Peering out of the "dining room" with hay in his mouth!
Eating breakfast together.  We are officially gate-free inside the house now!  Amazing!
So much fun with Snap - going out for coffee and browsing downtown!

Miz Wasabi and the flag.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of HOPPINESS.

Patriotic Paco!

Rufus has a quiet window seat moment.
 Love seeing our bunnies together!!!  They are such HAPPY BUNNIES!!

 Grooming time!

 Rufus relaxes (with supervision) on the deck.

 The foreman spotted the coyote first - looking outside the window.
 He or she is a beauty!
 Went down and back up our driveway and then headed off up the hill.
 Sometimes salad time happens without a plate!
 Paco and the red barn.

Love seeing the sunflowers in the garden.

 Clean cabin with couch!
 Love seeing the flag against the white house.
First fig from our tree!

The weekly pose with spiffy Paco!