Sunday, July 31, 2016

Little Louie the Rescue Bun, the Day of the Bite and a Trip to the Vet for the Bunnies...at the Lazy Vegan!

 Loads of bunny drama at the Lazy Vegan this week!  Our dear little Louie from the Laguna - rescue and foster bun - had to leave us to go to the Sonoma Humane Society a bit earlier than planned because his presence caused Rufus and Wasabi to FIGHT! Not just a little chase game, either - but an actual, fully engaged attack.  Very upsetting for both buns and humans!  And it was a surprise to see that Rufus bit Wasabi (and not the other way around).  So sweet Louie got settled in at Sonoma Humane (with an adorable roommate named Shamus!) and Wasabi and Rufus had their fluffy bunny behinds hauled off to the rabbit specialist vet!  Now Wasabi is on antibiotics for her bite wound and I get to clean it and keep it moist for two weeks.  Thankfully, with Louie no longer on the scene, both buns seem to have settled way down and Wasabi is back to grooming Rufus.  Oh, WABBITS!!  

 I took Louie to be neutered at a great vet who has house rabbits of her own!  Look how ridiculously adorable he is!  It was soooo hard to drop him off and to care for him afterwards, knowing he wasn't going to be a permanent fur family member.

     It was also hard (and awful) to come home to find big patches of fur on the floor from Wasabi and Rufus!
Rufus just doesn't want to share the "only male rabbit" status that he currently enjoys in the household!

The  snarky buns sharing a salad.

Little Louie on the last night before his neuter, enjoying hanging out by my desk.
Window seat cushion fun!

Flopping out together.

Two days after helping settle Louie into his new digs at Sonoma Humane, I went to pay him a visit.
He is such a sweetheart - I hope he find a great forever home soon!

Sadly, we weren't able to save the other bunnies that were spotted at the Laguna.

Round the barn for dinner!

Snuggle time in a line.

Chilling out in the kitchen.

The big trip to the vet - both bunnies went as part of a "bonding experience"!!
While Wasabi was examined on the floor, Rufus groomed himself!


Exhausted from the drama of the week!

Taking in some fresh air on a hot evening.
The bun with a view.
Friends again!
 My two favorite Instagram posts of the week!

 The living room explorers.

 Weekly pose with Paco - and a little bite!
 Hallway explorer.
 Tomatoes are popping!
 Peek-a-boo time with Paco.

 This bun gets around!

 Fun with Snap downtown!