Monday, August 29, 2016

Good-bye to the Foster Buns, A Visit from a Great Horned Owl and Farrier Time for the Donkeys at the Lazy Vegan!

Sadly, we had to bid our foster bunnies farewell here at the Lazy Vegan because certain WABBITS named Rufus and Wasabi weren't keen on the idea of some of their own kind lounging in luxury in the cabin - even though technically, they had no clue that they were there!  Clearly, though, they knew on some sensory level and had started to squabble - and we didn't want another Day of the Bite. So back to the shelter went precious Harold and Fifi.  I'll still be able to visit and snuggle with them on my volunteer days and I hope they both get adopted soon!  Fifi still awaits her spay day.

The day after the foster buns left, a beautiful Great Horned owl visited the Lazy Vegan!  You just never know WHO is gonna stop by at the Lazy Vegan!  Made me glad that our bunnies are safe indoor bunnies, for sure!

The donks were less-than-thrilled to have their "spa day" with a visit from the farrier but happy to get a walk beforehand.  Later in the day, I found our neighbor's dog, Lucy, happily munching on hoof trimmings near the barn - just like Bravo LOVED to do!  We're getting closer to thinking about a dog again - fingers crossed we can find a great mellow pooch to adopt who will get along famously with the bunnies!  

Those eyes!

 Farrier day!

 Hoof trimmings!

Hilarious Luigi!

The bunnies were scuffling so bad in the morning that I had to resort to putting a dab of banana on Rufus so that Wasabi would "remember" to groom him instead of biting him!

 A few of my Instagram posts of the wonderful foster bunnies!

And a video of Harold:

And super fast Fifi:

Everyone needs a project, and Wasabi's latest is tackling the pillows on the window seat.

I kid you not with this story:  I was in the kitchen, thinking about how much I missed Bravo but how I'm starting to feel ready for another dog - when this happened - I was able to grab my camera for part of it - Rufus touched noses with the stuffie Jack Russell and then flopped over.  OMG!  Of course, I take this as a sign!

The foster buns really did have a good time while they were here - I incorporated part of the deck for their play time!

The spoiled resident buns waiting for salad time.
I just love seeing the red barn peeking out from various points on the property.
Cactus blooming!

The foster buns in the cabin - just still too close to the main house - at least as far as scent and hormones go!

Coming in for dinner!

I hadn't gotten there yet with the hay, though!

The weekly pose!