Monday, August 15, 2016

OH MY BUN - a Barehanded Bunny Rescue and Turning the Cabin into a Bunny Foster Home at the Lazy Vegan

It was kind of a typical week at the Lazy Vegan with the bunnies continuing to re-establish their bond after the Day of the Bite, the donkeys having fun in the sun and ...OH MY BUN, a barehanded bunny rescue!  I went with my friend and fellow bunny advocate, Chris, to check out an area where there have been reports of sightings of many bunnies (which Chris himself saw on another day)...down a long gravel road and near the paved bike trail, and freakishly close to the freeway.  At any rate, on the day we went to scope things out we didn't see any bunnies and were about to leave when Chris spotted one...and within three or so minutes, amazingly was able to catch her!  We were in shock - plus unprepared - didn't have a carrier with us.  So Chris held the bunny while we walked back to his van (and past two big dogs) and I drove back to Sonoma Humane...a very exciting and stressful day for a little bun.  

Unfortunately, the shelter was at maximum capacity - something we found out the next day when we found out that our rescued bunny was transferred to another shelter.  But we will keep tabs on her, and in the meantime, some bunnies were "returned" - so we have transformed our cabin into a nice short-term foster place, with our first bunny guests scheduled to arrive this weekend! There should not be any problem with our own bunnies fighting since they will not see nor smell the visiting buns!

This cracked me up - I had put the almost empty bowl of pellets on the table and Rufus got up and helped himself to what was left.

Short video below of the bunny rescue, plus time with Snap downtown!

Ta Da!  The cabin is now a beautiful foster hotel, with space for two bunnies.
Luigi is excited about the prospect of visiting bunnies!
The weekly pose!
Oh, silly Paco!
 Serious bun.
 Came home from a walk to see Rufus the guard bunny in the window.
 Just hanging out!
 The FACE!
 Louie (of the Laguna) has a new roomie named Bundy!
 Rufus likes to hang out behind the chair in the living room.

 Morning walk.
 Trail cat!

 Such the "hopportunist" when the fridge opens!
 OMG, the cuteness factor - Louie's official shelter photo is priceless!
 Quality time with the donks.

Turkey feather!


The double donkey dinner stare down.

Wasabi and the doorstep.

These two stay up so late.  Rufus finally will go upstairs past ten o'clock - he still prefers to sleep in his old "bachelor pad".

The living room is really one giant playground.