Monday, September 12, 2016

Feeling like Fall at the Lazy Vegan

First of all, I managed to lose nearly all the photos I took this week while transferring them from my phone to my computer - they disappeared into cyber space somewhere and I have no idea where!  But plenty left to show off how the week went.  Thrilled to feel the first twinges of Fall in the air here at the Lazy Vegan with cooler evenings and mornings - yay!  The bunnies definitely like it cooler.  The leaves are falling and acorns are dropping.  My favorite time of year!  

 Oh, Rufus - with his little teeth showing and his green salad stained mouth.  TOO CUTE.
 Nap time.
Silly time.
 Getting down to the last of the tomatoes.

Got to visit Andree while she was in town!
And had a great visit with my friend Jennie at her cool cabin!
Jennie's place is in the town of Bodega.
Jennie's rocks!
Jennie's awesome cat, Larry - I wanted to catnap him!

Little evening loungers.
Couch bunny.
Grooming time.
Signs of Fall!
These two - always disappointed when the fridge opens and it isn't salad time.
From above!
Feels like Fall.

Getting a long drink of fresh water.  I love how the boys "help" after I clean out the water bowls.

Since I lost most of my photos, I'm posting some of this week's Instagram posts.

OMG!!  CONGRATS to Snap - she got a BEAUTIFUL new red car!!  Woo hoo!!

Fun at the Barlow.
Cute dog - a girl pup named "Charlie Nibblesocks"!!  Our own search for a dog continues.

The weekly pose with Paco!