Monday, September 5, 2016

OMG, a BABY Woodpecker!! TWO Baby Woodpeckers! And Other Cute Things at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a typical week of cuteness around the Lazy Vegan suddenly made even MORE cute with the sightings of - GASP - baby woodpeckers!  At first just one kept poking an adorable head out - but then another joined the fun.  I've been obsessed with tracking them and taking photos.  The adult birds are on to me and aren't keen on my presence - so I use a zoom lens (which I had to do, anyway - nest is too far up in the oak tree) and try not to be intrusive.  So adorable!

In other news, the foreman is celebrated the Labor Day holiday weekend in his usual way - by laboring!  Doing some new and some touch-up interior painting.  We discovered right away that Rufus was scared of the painting process (the ladder, in particular) but Wasabi could give a fig - in fact, she seemed ready to pick up a paint brush to help out!  But poor Rufus had to be fed dinner in the bedroom and is still there as I type this.  

Super fun visit with my sister and one of my nephews this week - along with my mom we had fun in downtown Sebastopol!

I LOVE this photo of Luigi!
 Rufus dining by the bed.
The big, scary ladder didn't faze Wasabi.

 Get ready for cuteness overload!

 Checking out his neighbor below!

 Looking for the next meal!

 Feeding time!

Couldn't resist buying this little towel during the downtown outing!
Patty browsing.
Group selfie!
Patty, Snap and Anth!
Always have to take a photo with Mr. Coyote.

Snap's beautiful new carpet piece.

This bun has a chewing project that we are not happy about.

Dust bath and lounging time.

Mr. Ridiculously Cute.

 Had fun yesterday with Snap at the Barlow and Farmer's Market!

 Saw my friend Jennie selling her rocks - here she displays jade.
 OMG, wanted to dognap this dog!!

 Doggie in the window!
 Silk Moon shopping with Snap!

 The boys by the barn.
 The fish seem very happy.  And luckily no heron has been sighted in a while.
 View from the trail on the hill where I put the critter cam.

 Silly Paco!

 DUSTY dust bath.

 Well, these two have been two peas in a pod since the foster bunnies left!

Showing off the t-shirt I got at the Veg Fest a couple of weeks ago.
Selfie of the week with Paco!
 Silly Weegie!
 OMG - all the ridiculous "outtakes" before the one selfie-of-the-week!

 This one is blurred because he was shaking his head!  That mouth!

Hee, hee, hee.

Video of my morning walk:

A deer sounds an alarm (volume UP!):