Monday, September 19, 2016

The Bunnies Deepen their Bond at the Lazy Vegan

We still rejoice in this sight:  two bunnies squished together!  Ever since the end of the era of fostering bunnies, Wasabi and Rufus have started to deepen their bond.  Rufus still hasn't been seen grooming Wasabi, but there is no more biting (what a relief that is!) or chasing and when I come home I often find them huddled together in the kitchen or living room.  Sooooooo adorable! And the fact that they are getting along so well makes me be in no hurry at all to get a dog (for various reasons, even searching for a dog is on hold for now).  I'm enjoying the peaceful and simple life with two house rabbits and two donkeys.  There is still plenty of cuteness around to cuddle (as much as they will all tolerate cuddling) and still lots of work to do!  

It is hard to imagine the days of having to keep these two separated with a gate!

Bunny butts!


Rufus loves to sit on top of the Activity Zone.

Queen bun.
Rufus appreciates a good cup of coffee!
I have to monitor this one in the mornings when she likes to "sample" the window seat cushions.
Lately we all sit out in the living room with music on  and no t.v. in the evenings.  Very civilized!
Just a constant duo lately.

OH MY GOD THE CUTENESS FACTOR:  here are those baby woodpeckers - they left the nest!!
They have been very busy exploring the world!

Nothing like a good dust bath on a hot day.
With Snap at the Barlow!
Barn fun.

I love it when they do this.

Fall colors are starting to appear.
Busy bunny!

The tomato picker.
The weekly pose!  I swear that Paco really does pose.
Paco's beautiful eye.
We have had some very hot days and the bunnies needed their frozen bottles!
"My" bathroom sanctuary is complete now with new curtains hung by the foreman!
Ridiculous Paco.

I was headed down to the barn to feed the donkeys when suddenly a fox whizzed right in front of me!  By the time I put the hay down and got my phone out of my back pocket, he/she was a ways off - but still, so close!  And cute! Video above.