Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bunny Spa Day, Reiki for the Donkeys and RAIN at the Lazy Vegan!

Thanks to their "Auntie Cathy", the bunnies enjoyed a spa day (meaning nail trims!) and the donkeys got to sample some Reiki this week!  The bunnies put up with the nail trims and the donkeys enjoyed hanging out in the barn while Cathy "offered" them Reiki.  Other than that, the highlight of the week was celebrating our 24th anniversary with the foreman and RAIN - lots of it - just like the "old days"!

 Fun with Snap on Florence Avenue!

 The dreaded nail trimming time - Cathy is an expert!

 Afterwards, I got kisses from Wasabi!

 Then time with the donks!

 And Rufus!

 Offering Reiki.

 Happy (HOPPY) 24th anniverary - we celebrated at Slice of Life!

 The fish are doing great - multiplying and happy!
 Magical sky before the rain.
 The weekly (wet) pose with Paco!
 Silly Weegie.
 Expert loungers.
 Another selfie on another wet day!
 Look at that - it is GREEN grass coming in from all the rain!
 Rufus loves an empty box from Costco.
Bored donks.

King of the castle.
Scored this adorable plate!
Major lounger in the bedroom.
Rufus got up on the table (luckily the foreman was home) and knocked over a vase with flowers - a heads-up to me that I can not leave ANYTHING on the table - he sampled some of the flowers, too - which is o.k. but not if they're the kind that bunnies can't eat.  Sometimes I forget about this part of bunny proofing!
Sampling some sunshine before the rain.

My favorite Instagram post of the week...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Internet Woes, Rainy Days and a Compassion Without Borders Fundraiser!

It has been quite the week of tech woes - no internet, then sporadic internet - plus the accidental permanent deletion of hundreds of photos on my phone, including ALL the photos I took of the great family visit this past weekend!  So bummed about that.  I was able to retrieve a few from a video I made.  Ever since I had the latest update done to my iPhone, I'm still learning the new layout - so deleting the photos was MY BAD.  

Had a fantastic time at a great fundraiser for the amazing rescue group Compassion Without Borders today - sooooooo many dogs there - so hard to leave without one!  

Lots of rain this week and it is starting to feel almost like the "old days" in Sonoma County with real rainstorms!  I love it but the donkeys aren't too keen on the mud (GONE are the "dust baths") and the general wetness.  Luckily they have lots of shelter options now with the new barn!

Rufus on top of the "Activity Zone"!
Eating breakfast together.
Silly stand-up squirrel.
Explorer bun!

Oh, Wasabi!
So helpful!

 Selfies with patient Paco!
 Rufus and the foreman!
Up on the table again!

So much fun at the Compassion Without Borders fundraiser event!  I went with my two bunny gal friends!

Everything there was vegan - even the dessert!

Cathy with Deborah's senior foster dog from Muttville.

So many adorable dogs!

And fantastic t-shirts for free with price of admission!

I got to sit in the back seat with Bridget the dog!
Vegan chocolate chip cookies!

The dogs wore name tags, too.
Vegan lunch!
This organization does amazing work in Mexico and elsewhere.

Discovered this great organization, too - want to find out more about them.
Cuteness overload!

GASP!  So adorable.
Kissing booth with polaroid photos.

Cathy and I at the Slice of Life the night before, chowing down!

Here are a few photos I was able to "save" from the Tomashefsky visit.  We had a wonderful breakfast prepared by Snap and a great walk around the Luther Burbank gardens.

The weekly pose with Paco!

Rainy day donkeys.  By next week I hope to be back up with no internet issues or photo deletion issues!