Tuesday, October 4, 2016

HOPPY 7th Birthday to Wasabi, the First Rain of the Season and More at the Lazy Vegan!


OMB (OH MY BUN!) - I cannot believe it that our beloved Wasabi turns seven tomorrow!  We celebrated her "gotcha day" a day early today with a little celebration - and cookies made out of hay!  Wasabi had a lot of fun hopping up to snatch a cookie and then hopping off to eat it in private while Rufus politely waited until one was offered to him.  A lot of fun was had by both buns!  And in other Lazy Vegan news, we had the first rain of the season - the donkeys were intrigued by the wet stuff falling from the sky and even stood around in it for a bit.  It didn't take long for mud to appear in the corral - hence, time for boots!  It was also cold enough to turn on the heat for the first time, triggering a memory of when Bravo would race to sit next to a heater vent - he loved to sit by one on cold evenings and mornings - I still miss that old pup so much.
One cookie at a time...first, the "p" disappears!

Mud time!
Paco thought the rain was funny...

Sunshine after the rain.

First pumpkin of the season!  (Store bought).
Little loafers.
Everything cleaned up after the rain.

Silly Wasabi!
Sun bather.
Window bunny!!

Don't tell me these two haven't finally BONDED!
Such amazing clouds this week!

Rufus periodically likes to check to see if anything is on the table.

The fuzzy baby woodpeckers still revisit their old nest!
More lounging.

Turkeys and deer.

Hilarious dogs spotted while downtown with Snap!
These two are just too cute.
OMG, Snap and I entered a contest by spinning a wheel at Silk Moon and put raffle tickets in for free shoes and, by golly, she got a call later saying she had WON!!  Can't wait to go with her this weekend to help her pick out her new shoes!

Snap and the owner of Silk Moon.
Couldn't resist these adorable plates when I saw them at a store...
My fave photo of the week:  Rufus supervising while the refrigerator repairman works at fixing the fridge!
Yum - I made homemade buckwheat blueberry pancakes!
There's nothing like a donkey snuggle.
The weekly pose with a patient donk.
The worker bee!
Beautiful Luigi.
The birthday girl.  I love this rabbit so much - she is responsible for so much joy in my life - introducing me to the world of house rabbits and all my house rabbit friends!
Chilly enough to don socks.