Tuesday, November 29, 2016

HOPPY Thanksgiving and Long Holiday Weekend at the Lazy Vegan!

A HOPPY Thanksgiving came and went at the Lazy Vegan, and the turkeys were all safe and sound!  I made a pumpkin curry soup to celebrate the day, along with, of course, some vegan pumpkin pie (which I did not make but had no problem eating!).  Had a relaxing long weekend indulging in some sightseeing and a little shopping in Sebastopol with plenty of home time to snuggle with the buns and donks!

 Rainy day fun with Snap - here we check out the "wishing tree" in downtown Sebastopol.

 We checked out Bliss Day Spa and were both impressed with it!

 The town "character" and his beautiful dog sitting next to the Christmas tree outside of Taylor Maid Coffee.
 The weekly pose with Paco!  OMG, this donkey always makes me smile.

 Had fun with visiting neighbors - the kids loved seeing the donkeys and bunnies and fish!

 Oh, togetherness...it never gets old!

 I got a massage table to practice my Reiki!
 HOPPY Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving RABBIT. (NOT to eat!!!!).
 Soaking up the Thanksgiving Day sunshine.

 Chowing down!

 On the long holiday weekend, the foreman did what he does best:  worked!  Here he paints the kitchen, along with his painter's helpers, the buns.
 YAWN from Rufus!

 Mighty fluffy.
 So much fun hanging out at the litter box!

 Never get tired of our property - truly a magical place.

Wasabi under the holiday table!
And Rufus ON the holiday table!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First Ever Reiki Workshop at the Lazy Vegan!

 Just a short blog post this week since I didn't take as many photos as I usually do as I was busy getting my Reiki level one certificate at the first ever Reiki workshop here at the Lazy Vegan!  It was an honor and really fun to host a Reiki class taught by pet psychic and Reiki Master Marla Steele.  The bunnies loved it, too - Rufus in particular was intrigued by the people and the massage tables that appeared in the living room!  It was mostly a rainy weekend so it was pretty cozy inside.  I'm very interested in learning more so I can use Reiki on the shelter animals and others!
 King of the kitchen table.
 Bun on the run!
 The weekly pose with Paco!
 Amazing sunset one evening.
 These two all lined up.
 Luigi in the spotlight!
 Paco and his SMILE.
I love this photo of these two staring each other down!
 Reiki workshop time!  Rufus checks out some of the essential oil sprays and oracle cards.

 Massage table time!  Rufus was quite interested in all of it.

The sun came out just as the workshop was winding up.
 It was a small class of very nice women!

 Rufus learned a thing or two!

The bunnies loved the extra attention!

It was a kick seeing two massage tables in the living room!  Looking forward to future classes - love the idea of workshops at the Lazy Vegan!