Monday, November 14, 2016

The Farrier and Vet Visit the Donkeys, the Bunnies Lounge Around, and All the Animals Remain Blissfully Unaware of the Election Results at the Lazy Vegan

 What a week it has been - impossible not to be affected by the shocking results of the election - although the animals remain blissfully unaware!  Life goes on, though, including a vet visit for the donkeys' shots and a visit from the farrier for some hoof trimming!  We also had a stunning visit from a fox, who came right up to the terrace and looked through the French doors at the bunnies (Wasabi thumped like crazy and Rufus hopped off behind the chair in the living room!).  A little too close for comfort, although he or she was soooo cute (unfortunately I couldn't get my camera in time).  We have never had a fox come to the door before!

Exciting evening with the super moon!  The donkeys were more impressed by the flash of my camera...
 Donkeys in the pasture, blissfully unaware of the election results.
 These two!

 Happy hopper.
 Curious deer.
 Grazing donkeys!
 Dare I say it - the bunnies are getting ROUND.
 Weegie takes a snooze.
 That little white speck is Rufus napping in the doorway of the bedroom!
 Early morning breakfast time.

Sunshine and blue skies!
 I was trying to muck out the barn while in "good clothes" and dropped an open bag of pine shavings and they went everywhere, including in my hair!
 Up to no good!

 Even though Donald Trump is the President Elect, there was still a beautiful sunset.
 Waiting for the farrier to arrive.
 Hoof trimming time!
 Puffy cloud day.
 Rufus doing a little dance on the kitchen bench.

 All haltered up!
 Lots of snuggling going on between these two lately.
 Evening nap time for the foreman.
 Queen Bun!
 Out and about with Snap - at Silk Moon!
 Selfie with Rufus!

The weekly pose with Paco.
 Walkies time.
 Silly, silly Paco.

 Just a lot of lounging going on.
 More walkies before the vet arrived.

 We love our vet - here he gave Luigi a little cookie after his shot!  Paco was a drama donkey and managed to get away but was caught and given a quick shot in the neck - and he reluctantly took a cookie afterwards!

Claiming the comfy chair!