Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cold Nights and Snuggle-Time at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a busy week with the first holiday party of the season and very cold nights - the bunnies have been total snuggle buns!  And the donkeys look even shaggier with their Winter coats.  For two mornings in a row I had to break the ice in their water bucket!  A lot of car drama went on this week, too, but I decided to save that story for a future post when I have the happy ending all ready to share!  And a happy ending - happily - WILL be coming.

 More painting going on at the Lazy Vegan - the foreman has been busy!
 Snuggle time in the evening with the foreman and Rufus.
 Cold and foggy morning.
 On a walk with beautiful leaves.
 Oh, Luigi!
 And Wasabi!
 Rufus!  Never any lack of cuteness around here.
 Total snuggle buns!!!!
 Always fun browsing in shops with Snap!

 Beautiful and colorful pillow that Snap bought!
 Standing up for nothing - but sooooo cute.

 Wasabi thinks things over.

 Donkey time!

 The weekly pose with Paco!
 My laundry helper!
 Striking sky at the Lazy Vegan.
 A more civilized weekly pose.
 We had so much fun at our office party where a vegan table was reserved for us!
 At a very important Bunfest meeting!
 Selfies with Cathy.
 Look at Rufus!
 It isn't hard to get a daily dose of cuteness around here.
 Since I missed posting the blog last week, I'm throwing in an extra donkey selfie.
 Nap time.
 Mitten mornings!

 Frosty sunrise.
 Bunny meeting.

 Rufus checks out the rainy day.
 Paco always has something to smile about!