Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hot Summer Days and Visiting Family at the Lazy Vegan

while I deal with a recent health diagnosis.  Hope to be back to regular posting in time.  All the animals are happy and healthy.

Still not back to regular posting of the blog (but am regularly posting on Instagram), so getting caught up once again on the happenings in the past couple of weeks.  We've had a few heatwaves (ugh) and had a great visit from Aaron and Patty!  So great to hear Aaron talk about pursuing his music career in Nashville (and looking very much like a music star!).  Still dealing with figuring out some health issues and am hopeful that a new doctor tomorrow will have some new insights...have been going through a challenging time right now. Am so happy that in times like this I have animals to surround myself with and, of course, good friends and family!

First off, the weekly pose with Paco!


Snap hosted lunch and made a yummy vegan meal.

Self-timer group selfie!
Red shouldered hawk visits.
These two!
Rufus and the door stop.

Rufus and Wasabi have become really close lately - so cute to watch.
Rufus will still take his own nap time in the bedroom by his carrot cottage.
Exploring time!
Pausing to think on the landing.
It is hard to keep up with Rufus - he goes everywhere.  Wasabi has recently become more brave, too!
 Seeking the shade of the barn on a hot day.
 Ice cube treats!
 Staying cool with the donkeys.

 Grooming time.
 Shadow puppet time with the donkeys - and I made one that looks like a rabbit!
 Rufus waiting for breakfast.
 Contemplating going upstairs.
 Two peas in a pod!!

 Lounging donks.
 Even on warm days, these two have been caught snuggling!
 Beautiful Luigi.
 Wasabi waits patiently for Rufus to wake up.

 Rufus loves to perch on top of things.

 Oh, Wasabi!!
 These two always make me smile.

Scratching an itch.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Catching up with the Blog at the Lazy Vegan

It has been an unexpected chaotic couple of weeks dealing with figuring out some health issues, so the blog has been put on the back burner!  Here are some "catching up" photos from a great visit a couple of weeks ago with the bunny gals to the Flipside Farm Sanctuary and some photos of the usual crew at the Lazy Vegan. 
 I hope to get back to regular posting soon.  Will post some cute baby bunny photos from a recent rescue with SaveABunny next time!

Mr. Adorable.
The dinner time stare down!
Queen Wasabi.

Rufus waits for dinner to be served!

Getting tired of a long heat wave here.

The long grooming session.

This bunny can seriously nap anywhere!