Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Women's March, Out-of-Town Visitors and Birthday Week at the Lazy Vegan!

A whirlwind week (almost two) it was here at the Lazy Vegan with the Women's March (yay, pink hats!), out-of-town visitors, loads of sunshine and pre-birthday celebrations!  We even celebrated the donkeys' tenth birthday a couple of weeks early - such excitement!  The bunnies were thrilled to have guests (none other than the "bunny gals"), too!

So much fun to see Jackie and Sam!!  Snap hosted her usual fantastic vegan lunch and fun was had by all of us!

Mr. explorer making his rounds.
Paco thoroughly enjoying a break in the rain!

And another out-of-town visitor!  My dear friend Andree from Chicago!
She sewed a bunch of pink pussyhats and we wore them proudly downtown!

Did a little shopping and a little eating!

The cutest dog at the art store - so hard to leave without her!
Followed by more eating the very next day with the bunny gals at Muir's Tea Room!
Amazing that everything there is vegan.  I'm not doing sugar at the moment, but I admired it visually!

Huge case of vegan goodies.
We had a blast!

Then off we went to the Lazy Vegan for some more birthday celebrating for the human and the donkeys!

Rufus getting special attention.
Making a wish at Muir's Tea Room.
An antique rabbit cookie (bunny treats!) jar!

OMG!!  A hand drawn picture of Rufus and Wasabi!!!!
Somebody's a jokester.

Cathy made me sugar-free vegan birthday cupcakes!

Back at Muir's Tea Room, wearing the hats!

Group shot with the soon-to-be birthday donks.


Paco is such a good sport!
YAY for the Women's March!
Even though I had a cold, I went and am so glad I did!

Huge crowds!

We met up with Snap and her friends!

Rain did not deter us!

Lounging bun.
Silly Paco!
Sleepy Luigi.
Coyote visit!  That's him or her on the road!

And blurred images of him running off.

Huge jack rabbit!
Donkey snuggle time.

Napping under the table!

The weekly pose!