Sunday, January 8, 2017

A HOPPY New Year and a Big Storm at the Lazy Vegan!

HOPPY 2017!!!  It has a nice ring to it and I'm feeling like it will be a great year!  The bunnies and donkeys agree!  We rang in the new year without much fanfare - I'm pretty sure that the donkeys and bunnies stayed up later than the humans to celebrate!  The first few days of January (I'm behind somewhat in the blog posts; they may become every two weeks instead of weekly - I update Instagram daily and that takes up my social media quota time!) were sunny and clear but then WHAM - we got the first real rainstorm of the season.  In fact, the biggest storm in a long time - goodbye, drought!  Wind, rain and flooding - even in the new barn (just a bit, in the "dining room" section).  It is great to have rain so there's no complaining allowed!

HOPPY New Year hug.
Love is all you need.
Rufus contemplates the day.
Life's hard!!
The foreman made this amazing table that he then fixed to our half-wall that overlooks the living room and it is awesome!
Round Luigi.
Weekly pose (one of many)!
Flooding begins below.
Miz Wasabi.
HOPPY New Year posing!

Nap time.

Storm's brewing.

 Luigi and flood waters!
 I parked my new car far, far away from falling tree branches!
 Rising creek.
Spent an hour shoveling out standing water in the "dining room" of the new barn.
Rufus is just too adorbs.

My fave donkey photo of the week.
Well, and this one, too!

The weekly pose in black and white!
Peeing in the clean barn!
Right before the storm hit.
Stair contemplation.

Silly donks.
Oh, deer!
New Year's dust bath.

Another photos of the awesome new table!
Closed door!

Wasabi up to no good.
Barn boredom on a rainy day.

Hee haw!

Evening buns.

Rufus helps me get organized - the foreman painted a few rooms this week and set up my brand new office where his office used to be!  Now he has a "free floating office" and I have my entire room.  WOO HOO!