Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Limping Coyote, a Visit from a Fox and Spa Day for the Donkeys & the Bunnies at the Lazy Vegan!

It was awesome to have an amazing visit with a fox at the Lazy Vegan!  The little guy or gal wasn't very skittish at all and allowed me to follow (at a good distance) while he/she wandered our property!  And in other wildlife news, a scrawny and limping coyote showed up on the critter cam.  We've seen this one over the years but this time I called Wildlife Rescue and sent them the video and past videos to see what they suggested doing (video posted below). After reviewing the videos, they suggested to let him be for now - but if he shows up and is worse, they want to set a live trap and bring him in to amputate his leg and treat him for mange before releasing him back.  Poor guy (or gal) - I really hope he gets better - he's somehow managed to survive since he first showed up on the critter camera in 2013!
The donkeys and bunnies "enjoyed" their spa day with hoof trims and nail trims (no, they didn't enjoy either one...but it is necessary - they DID all like the treats afterwards!).  

Scrawny & limping coyote video, above.
                                                                          These two!

The fox visit!!

Hanging out near the barn.
Soaking up some sunshine.
So casual!

Paying respects to where Solo, Toby & Bravo all are buried.

OMG - even doing some biz!!

And then headed off for the hills.

Safe and sound indoors!
Wasabi likes my socks!

Rufus checking on the weather.
I never get tired of seeing these two together.
Lots of crazy storms these past two weeks and then some sunshine.  The donkeys really need a break from the rain!

Turkeys visit.

Silly donkey time.

Wasabi also approves of my carrot socks!

The weekly poses!
A very relaxed Rufus (one has to watch where they step!).
At Sonoma Humane Society, visiting with the shelter buns!  Love little Leopold, above.
And precious Stanley - he did his first flop ever next to me!

Auntie Cathy came for a visit to trim the bunnies' nails and to see how the donkeys got their hooves trimmed!
Rufus was not happy but he was in good hands.
Donkeys visit in the sun.

Butt rub for Luigi!

Ridiculously adorable.
So much fun with my friend Marion, celebrating our birthdays at Slice of Life!

Whoops - I hate it when the photos post out of order.  Here we are back at "spa day" for the donkeys.

Farrier time!

And post-nail trim treat time!

Rare photo with the foreman and a donkey - thanks to Cathy!