Monday, March 27, 2017

Paco's Vet Visit, a BunFest Meeting, Celebrating Birthdays with a Tea Party and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Poor Paco came down with a bad runny eye in the past two weeks and the vet came out to examine him and to determine that he had a corneal ulcer - basically, a scratch on the surface of his eye, which is painful and needs to be treated!  I gave him eye meds three times a day for ten days - ointment in his eye.  He was shockingly good about letting me do this (cookies helped!).  He also got painkillers for the first few days.  Fingers (hooves) crossed, all is on the mend now - his eye is still slightly watery, though, so I am keeping an eye on his eye!

During this time, the foreman came down with a bad cold and despite my efforts to avoid getting it, getting it I did - big time.  More of a flu than a cold.  In one of my more pathetic sick moments, I was trudging down to the barn to feed the donkeys and to give Paco his meds when I got stung by a wasp on my ankle!  

Despite being sick, I had a fun time helping some bunny friends celebrate their birthdays at Muir's Tea Room!  And, the countdown to BunFest begins...just two weeks away!  My bunny costume arrived and I have to learn how to breathe in it!
Paco with his weepy eye.
 The vet had to perform a "stain test", where he put green dye in Paco's eye to determine if he did indeed have a corneal ulcer.  The dye stayed on the scratch - very weird looking.  Paco was pretty good about this.  This was a new vet for us and we liked him a lot.  He liked to "make friends" with both boys by giving them cookies first!
 Luigi was concerned for his buddy!

 Starting to heal.
 Making his morning rounds.  This boy hops EVERYWHERE.

 Feeling better!

 Had a good St. Patrick's Day and thought about my dad - he loved this holiday.

 Yep, he's back.   He or she.  Comes to visit quite regularly now.
 Rufus prepares for the BunFest meeting!

 Visiting with the donkeys after the meeting.

 Yet another gourmet and organic salad gone.
 Mr. helpful!
 Wasabi up to no good.
 Paco celebrates the first day of Spring!
 Rufus is so proud of conquering the open staircase.

Spring time and the birds are all over the place.
Napping boy.
So much fun celebrating Deb & Lynda's birthdays with "endless" pots of tea and yummy vegan food!

A huggy bunch!
Lots of bunny themed gifts, of course.

OMG, here it is - the bunny costume - just the head!

 Here's almost the full costume - minus the hands and booties!
 The bunnies were not too fazed!

Fun as always with Snap downtown - here she poses in front of the Main St. theater.

Weekly pose with the donkey-on-the-mend.
Dinner time!