Monday, March 13, 2017

A Wonderful Fox Visitor Returns to the Lazy Vegan

SO IN LOVE with the fox who has been making the rounds lately at the Lazy Vegan! I happened to spot him/her the other day while looking out the window and used my good camera to zoom in for these photos.  Beautiful!  The donkeys didn't seem to mind (the bunnies WOULD mind, which is why they're always safe and sound indoors!). We've had very Spring-like weather here and everything is blooming - and suddenly both donkeys have a runny eye (their left eyes only) - so I'll be calling the vet tomorrow if the eyes aren't any better (always something).  

Rufus coming down the hallway.
So many places to go!

Handsome Luigi above, and handsome Paco, below!

YAWN time!

No, this is not Rufus - but it sure looks like him!  This is Stanley at Sonoma Humane Society, patiently waiting for his forever home!
These two have been very cute together lately and, amazingly, Rufus has been staying downstairs with Wasabi at night!  I caught them cuddling in the living room at 2:30 a.m.!!
Paco getting ready for Spring.
More snuggles.
Major driveway drainage work done this past week - very messy but necessary!

The runny eye situation literally came on overnight.  So I am hoping it will go away overnight.
His little adorable face!
Sprawled out nappers.

This is exciting:  I had holes in my jeans and decided to order rabbit print fabric from Spoonflower and then took them to Reenie Birds to have patches sewn on!  I love them!!

Silly Luigi.
Lots of green grass to choose from.

Luigi gets a butt rub.

OMG!  This red balloon literally came out of nowhere while walking with Snap downtown!  So we adopted him and call him "Mr. Red."

Mr. Red got a tour of downtown Sebastopol.

And met our friend, Jennie!

The usual town characters.
Postcards to Trump.

Mr. Red came all the way to the Lazy Vegan, where he is slowly deflating - but he is not defeated!

The foreman soaking up some sunshine.
Rufus isn't sure what to make of the new rabbit pillow!
Cuddles from Pops.
Grooming time!

Double donkey butt rubs!