Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Long-Awaited BunFest and More at the Lazy Vegan!

After six months of meetings and planning, BunFest finally happened and it was a success - a great turnout of people!  I wore my big bunny costume and managed to breathe and move in it.  Fun was had by all and a couple of bunnies got adopted from the local shelters represented.  Now on to the next one - this time we will try to find a larger rental and do some fundraising.  Anything for the buns!  
Happy (HOPPY!!) Birthday this week to my sister!  

 Miz Wasabi up where she knows she's not supposed to be.  This is a "pre-nibble" photo.
 Orange, pineapple, mango and coconut water smoothie!
 Posing with Snap in purple.

 With my boy!
 Morning loungers.
 Evening loungers!
                                                       Claire with her roommate's adorable dog, Shasta!
                                                         So much fun to have a surprise visit from Drew!
                                                            The donkeys LOVED seeing him.

                                                           And the bunnies!
                                                          What a bright young man with a bright future!
 Almost as exciting as BunFest was getting my custom donkey/bunny/animal jean jacket - decided to have a jacket done after getting my jeans patched with bunny patches a few weeks ago.  Love it!!

                                                          Rufus and the new carrot house.

 Super silly Luigi!

 Rabbits rule the house.

 I love early morning walks!
 Donkeys and the foreman.

 Getting ready for BunFest!
 Fueling up for BunFest at Amy's Drive-Thru!

 Let the fun begin!  The following photos are from BunFest!

 I got dressed in the storage closet at the recreation center.
 My friend Deb was my "guide" for the afternoon since it was nearly impossible to see - she made sure I didn't trip over anyone!
 These got a bit out of order - Rufus was part of SaveABunny's  presentation!
 Getting ready.
 I could not believe how many people wanted to take their photo with me!

 Snap and Fran came!
 Little kids wanted to hug me.  But some were terrified of me.

 I got two breaks out of the costume - here I am with Donna and Cathy - we comprised the BunFest committee!

 The three different speakers were great.

 The day after BunFest, we had two meetings to discuss how it went and to plan the next one...and to eat!

 Also stopped by to say hi to friends having a bunny-in-the-park day.

 We went over a stack of written evaluations - this one was one of my favorites.

 I bought Wasabi and Rufus some fun new toys at BunFest, including this accordion tent.