Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Snap's 80th Birthday Party (OMG!!) and More!

 This post is going to be all about Snap's big 80th birthday bash in Bodega Bay, along with a few bunny and donkey photos along the way!  

The party was fantastic - lots of people came to wish Snap a happy birthday and the weather was perfect.  I can't quite believe she is eighty since she's so AGELESS!  Also in the news these past two weeks was a visit to the vet for the bunnies, and a visit from the vet for the donkeys!  Everyone is all caught up on wellness checks and vaccines for the donkeys.  We had a scare with a cyst on Rufus's ear but the biopsy came up benign, so all is well!
 This adorable tiny little bunny belongs to my friend Cathy - we had a BunFest meeting at her house! For BunFest 2018!

 Meeting snacks!
 We love our vet - pictured here with Luigi - he has a great, gentle manner with the boys!

 Vet day for the bunnies - always a big ordeal!!

 All set to go.

 So much fun with Danae and Plato the dog the other day!

Is it possible to get any cuter than this?

Busy buns.

Lounging buns.

Selfie at the beach house!  Let the fun begin!

Waltzing down to the beach on a great trail.
More selfies on the beach!

Impossible to keep the photos in chronological order.  This is at the actual party.  Party photos - some intermingled with others - to follow here on out!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SNAP!!